Update from Martha Laning, DPW Chair


From Martha Laning's May 20 weekly update email to all Democratic Party of Wisconsin members, this important item:


This week under the leadership of Barack Obama and the Democrats, “more than 4 million Americans could get pay hikes under new federal regulations that will double the salary level under which workers must be paid overtime”. Right here in Wisconsin, too many people are working longer hours but not getting the pay they have earned by working so hard. I applaud the Democrats for showing again that we are focused on helping everyday Americans get ahead by creating an economy that works for everyone not just the billionaires.  

I was dismayed, but not surprised, that Paul Ryan and his Republican colleagues came out vehemently against this regulation that will help so many hard working Wisconsinites and others across the United States. At a time when so many working and middle class people deserve a raise to help them get buy, Republicans continue to stay laser focused on creating tax loop holes and unfair tax reductions for CEOs and large corporations.

State Reppin' on Riverwest Radio

state_reppin.pngRepresentative David Bowen and Representative Jonathan Brostoff host a radio show every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. on Riverwest Radio (FM 104.1). Tune in to find out more about the people of Milwaukee and the issues they care about. If you can't listen on Tuesday nights, you can catch the show anytime on Soundcloud.

New Location for DPMC Meeting on 4.18


The April 18 meeting of the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County will be held at the Washington Park Senior Center from 6 — 8 pm. There is ample parking and the site is completely handicap accessible. Please join us.

Poll Workers and Poll Watchers

Making sure our elections are fair is NOT a spectator sport. It can only happen if enough of us help out, either by becoming an election worker OR by becoming an election observer.

Right now, the City of Milwaukee still needs 200 paid election workers. It may be too late to be trained for the April 5 election, but it is not too late to help in the August and November elections. We bemoan all the ways the new election laws put obstacles in the way of potential voters but we aren't yet doing enough to help ensure that elections run smoothly on election day. Read the rest of this post for more information.

And it's not too late to sign up with the Democratic Party to be an election observer. Here's the text of a letter DPW Chair Martha Laning sent a few days ago.

Like many of you, I’ve watched in horror in recent years as the GOP have dismantled our progressive voting laws in Wisconsin.  Today, I’m asking you to help us fight back.

On Tuesday, April 5th, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin will be putting observers in polling places around the state to gather critical information about the implementation of Wisconsin’s new photo ID laws.  This information will help us address problems early, and develop strategies and tactics to ensure every eligible person in Wisconsin who wants to vote in November 2016 is able to do so. 

But we can’t do it without you.

Please volunteer to be an April 5th poll observer today!

It’s easy. No previous training or experience is required...our DPW voter expansion team will work with you to make sure you have the training and materials you need.

All it takes is a few free hours on election day - a few hours that could make all the difference between winning and losing in November.

Sign up to volunteer today!

Read on to learn more.

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Official Call to the WI State Convention

June 3-4, 2016
Radisson Hotel & Conference Center 2040 Airport Drive
Green Bay, WI 54313

Martha Laning, DPW Chair, circulated a memo to Administrative Committee Members and Congressional District, County Party, and Unit Officers and asked that the information be shared to all members of the state party.

Here's her introduction to the memo:

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s 2016 state convention is shaping up to be an exciting and energizing event. I look forward to seeing all of you there! The following information pertains to the 2016 Democratic Party of Wisconsin convention and the Congressional District conventions. Please feel free share this information with other county party leaders.


  1. Promote Party Unity
  2. Consideration of the DPW Platform
  3. Consideration of 2016 Resolutions
  4. Consideration of Committee Reports
  5. Consideration of any Constitutional Amendments
  6. Election of Democratic National Committee Members

Read the rest of the memo, including information about

  • Delegates and Alternates
  • Election for Democratic National Committee Members
  • Registration
  • Housing
  • Miscellaneous
  • Preliminary 2016 State Convention Agenda
  • Congressional District Convention Dates

Download additional materials

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How to be a delegate at the Democratic National Convention

WI_delegates_2012.jpgThe 2016 Democratic National Convention will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 25 to 28, 2016.

The convention is a major event in the life of a political party, and convention delegates are at the heart of all decisions made. In addition to voting for the party’s presidential and vice presidential nominee, delegates to the Democratic National Convention have an opportunity to vote on the party’s platform and resolutions, as well as the rules that govern the party.

For more information, or to sign up for updates from the national Party, please visit https://convention.democrats.org or http://www.phldnc.com.

You can learn more about Wisconsin's delegate selection process by attending an informational webinar Wednesday, February 17, at 6:00pm. The webinar will be hosted by DNC Member Jason Rae and other Wisconsin party leaders who will cover what the delegate selection process entails, what the convention experience is like, and answer any questions you have.

To register for the free National Convention webinar, click here: www.wisdems.org/delegatewebinar.

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Are You Ready to Vote?

Now is the time to get ready to vote. If you have not voted in Wisconsin before, or if your registration has lapsed, you will need to register. If you have a Wisconsin driver’s license or state ID card, you will have to provide that number. You will also need proof of residence. To learn more, contact your municipal clerk or go to the Wisconsin voter information website at myvote.wi.gov.

Under the new photo Wisconsin Photo ID law you will need either Wisconsin driver's licenses, state-issued ID cards, military IDs, passports, tribal IDs, naturalization certificates or college IDs in order to cast a ballot.

Be sure that everyone you know has the proper photo ID and remembers to take that ID with them to the polls. We want to make sure everyone can exercise their right to vote.

And to make sure you never forget to vote, sign up with TurboVote.org. They'll send you handy reminders about deadlines and dates and times for election days. 

The Democratic Debates Are Coming to Town!

Tickets to the Democratic Debate:
Alas, We DON'T have them!!

It's wonderful that the debate hosted by PBS will be held in Milwaukee on Thursday, February 11, at 8 PM in the Helen Bader Concert Hall in the Helene Zelazo Center for Performing Arts on the UWM campus. However, the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County DOES NOT HAVE ANY INFORMATION ABOUT TICKETS. Please inquire at democrats.org!

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