Senator Johnson's Manufactured Month
Out-of-touch politician voted for economic crisis while Wisconsin factories closed 

MADISON -- Senator Ron Johnson spent the month of October manufacturing spin in an attempt to cover the out-of-touch and dangerous economic policies he and his party pursued.

Here's a recap of how Senator Ron Johnson spent the month failing to manufacture a positive image amid potential economic crisis: 

Senator Johnson Vote To Default 

Senator Johnson put his reckless partisanship above the functionality of the United States economy and voted to push the federal government to hit the debt ceiling today. Economists have said allowing the federal government to default would be "catastrophic" and create a "global financial crisis." 

GE Closes Waukesha Factory 

350 Wisconsin workers will lose their jobs as GE announces it will close a Waukesha factory because the Republican party refuses to allow the Export-Import Bank to be re-opened. The closure of the bank was brought on by the Koch brothers efforts and a toxic political climate Senator Johnson helped create by voting against the bank in 2012. 

GM Officially Shutters Janesville Plant 

Senator Johnson didn't stop at the General Motors plant in Janesville while touting "Manufacturing Month." GM officially moved the plant from "standby" status to "closed" on Tuesday. 

Johnson claims to have the support of manufacturers 

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel called out Senator Johnson for attempting to spin thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from super PAC backers as being from "manufacturers." Sorry, Senator. Hedge fund super PAC donors aren't manufactures: "Except some of the big donors aren't really manufacturers." [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/30/2015]


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