WisDems: Sen. Johnson puts politics over pragmatism

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MADISON -- Senator Ron Johnson must be embarrassed after he got called out by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for putting politics ahead of pragmatism when it comes to his 'signature issue,' the debt and deficit...

"...Johnson voted on conservative principle rather than pragmatism." [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/24/2015].

It's an acknowledgement of Senator Johnson's failure in the U.S. Senate and an inability to do anything but serve the interests of the billionaires and big corporations who back him.

To remind Wisconsinites of Senator Johnson's real priorities the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is spending the week highlighting the times Senator Johnson put his political views ahead of pragmatic solutions and the people of Wisconsin.

June 2014: Senator Johnson put politics ahead of Wisconsin veterans

In June 2014, Senator Ron Johnson put politics ahead of Wisconsin veterans by voting against a to help veterans receive care outside of the Department of Veterans Affairs. The legislation received broad bipartisan support on a vote of 93 - 3 and enacted serious reforms to improve health care accessibility for Wisconsin veterans.

Johnson Cited The Cost Of The Legislation In His Explanation For Voting Against A Bill To Help Veterans Get The Care They Need. “The bill passed with the support of 93 senators Wednesday. But Johnson said he couldn’t support it because of its cost -- $35 billion the first two years, and $50 billion per year after that, according to a preliminary estimate by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. ‘This legislation doesn’t fix the systemic problems or ensure our veterans get quality, on-time health care. It does spend more money to expand a broken system,’ he said. ‘Our veterans deserve better than this bill provides.’” [Post Crecent, 6/11/14]

Green Bay Press-Gazette: The Price Of The VA Bill May Have Been Steep, But “Not Steeper Than The Price Many Veterans Paid Serving Their Country With The Promise That We’d Take Care Of Them Afterward.” “Johnson praised veterans in a news release explaining his vote against the Senate bill. The senator said the bill didn’t fix the problem. He cited the cost and deficit spending that would be paid into a system that was broken. ‘Our veterans deserve better than this bill provides. I hope a more careful cost analysis and the Senate/House conference process will produce legislation I can support.’ The Congressional Budget Office has estimated the Senate bill would cost $35 billion the first two years and $50 billion a year after that. That’s a steep price tag. But it’s not steeper than the price many veterans paid serving their country with the promise that we’d take care of them afterward.” [Editorial, Green Bay Press-Gazette, 6/22/14]

Johnson later stumbled when attempting to explain why he voted against Wisconsin veterans:

Johnson Explained His Vote Against The VA Bill, Saying He “Wasn’t Voting Against Vets” But Was “Voting Against Bankrupting Our Country And Mortgaging Our Future. [Wausau Daily Herald, 8/12/14]

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