Senator Johnson Continues Calls For A Default 
Says he will vote to move toward hitting debt ceiling 

MADISON -- Senator Ron Johnson continued to ignore the threat of the federal government hitting the debt ceiling and defaulting on its debts by saying of the only bipartisan deal to avert an economic crisis "I don't think it's a good enough deal for me to be able to support."

It's the third comment in as many days from Senator Johnson who has spent months flailing in his attempts to convince Wisconsinites he's against government shutdowns or closures for electoral benefit. 

Today: Senator Johnson advocated for continued Congressional chaos and potential economic disaster by saying: "I don’t think it’s a good enough deal for me to be able to support.” 

Wednesday: Senator Johnson continued a drumbeat by saying of a bipartisan solution to avert an economic crisis "I'm not real happy with it." 

Tuesday: Senator Johnson advocated for default by calling efforts to build a bipartisan solution "disgusting." 

The damage of hitting the debt ceiling on November 3rd is catastrophic: 

And given the importance of U.S. debt as an international financial asset, a U.S. default could lead to yet another global financial crisis, among other unintended consequences. [Fortune, 10/27/2015

Johnson previously called on Republicans to hold the economy hostage by using the threat of hitting the debt ceiling to advance the radical Cut, Cap and Balance scheme which would make deep cuts to Social Security and Medicare. 


Senator Ron Johnson on Vicki McKenna 10/19/201510/19/2015: 

[00:12:07.06] JOHNSON: Well I think it's being revised again as we're talking about this debt ceiling. You know, I know the conservatives in the House are kind of getting raked over the coals right now but you know I'm hearing some stirrings again of a different version of cut, cap, and balance which would be, I'm hoping they trot that out and really pretty well demand that for any kind of discussion on increasing the debt ceiling, we've got to get something for.

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