One Wisconsin state representative doesn’t want anti-LGBT groups writing the laws of the land.

 On Thursday, the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Education held a public hearing on AB 469, a bill that would prohibit transgender students from using school facilities that correspond to their gender.

State Representative Mandela Barnes of Milwaukee had one small issue with the bill being put forward.

Mandela has been a representative since 2012, and he’s used his seat recently to stand with protesting Mizzou students, universal background checks for guns and Planned Parenthood:


And now he’s standing with the LGBT community. His issue was with the authors of the bill, and the fact that the model legislation was drawn up by the Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-LGBT group.

The ADF has been accused by the Southern Poverty Law Center of helping to prop up a law that criminalizes sodomy with an up to 10-year prison sentence in Belize.

When questioned about the connection, authors of the bill say they used parts of that law as well as laws in Nevada and Minnesota to help write the legislation.

Watch the video here.

“We kind of merged the policies together to get something that would hopefully work for Wisconsin, for everyone,” said author and Republican State Representative Jesse Kremer.

But as Media Matters has investigated, those bills — as well as others — are all drawn from the same ADF model.

“It’s sort of the company we keep and where the ideas come from,” Mandela said in the hearing. “We should be really aware of that, really conscious of where some of this policy is coming from.”

The Wisconsin bill is part of a national, coordinated plan to pass the same law in multiple states.

The proposed legislation has eight Republican co-sponsors in the Assembly and three in the Senate, according to The Cap Times.

Democrats have introduced their own legislation in response that asks the Department of Public Instruction to develop a model policy regarding transgender students, but ultimately allows individual school boards to develop their own.


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