Rep. David Bowen and Luz Sosa were interviewed for the ABC News  program Your Voice, Your Vote prior to Tuesday's GOP debate.

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And a good evening to you I am Rick Klein from ABC news you're watching ABC news live digital coverage. Leading you up and taking you into the fourth Republican presidential debate I am here. With a fleet of debate not shows our hope this looks as good as it is about to taste that is my tradition I hope you have a tradition as well. And before I get start chowing down I am a check in now with Dan Lieberman who is joining us from at least bar. Over in Milwaukee Wisconsin where they're very close to where to niceties gonna happen. Dan from our sister network management and what is them five what's the expectation what are you hear from people as were about to get started here. Hey Rick how you doing we're here in Milwaukee and people. The vibe here is people are excited they definitely see more excited about this today in the last debate I'm here with two Republicans and Democrats. This is been a very busy night are ready because there's been a minimum wage rally. That's actually been happening here in Milwaukee and everyone seems to me pumped up and ready to hear what the Republican. Intoxicating night they want to hear specifics and these guys are here with me when it's introduced you to David here he's actually without the rally tonight. What happened here with this fifteen dollar minimum wage rally when. What happens when he here tonight. When it comes to minimum wage. Couple. This two. It is. It's not. And Hispanic origin and break so we'll. What we're listening tours. And also I mean. You're you guys are both Democrats you know you're here to watch the damn it you're here to watch the Republican debate why why why bother Lewis to tell us. Let me extremely important to listen the easiest that they a dressing and especially when it comes to. Stephen long says that he's not big pieces Armey summit featured I want to see I want to know what they're doing what they're going to do. Well thank you knowing it to fix this student loan crisis that we're facing right now forty million Americans play dead at what are they going to do about it. Hedrick is actually any earlier than 8000 dollars and right now from her mastery and economics professor here Milwaukee's do you want to hear it tonight from the candidates about it. For you guys. Video little left the president maybe you're hearing. The Republican debate but if you care about. Through a huge issue from news national debt is looking. I think that really encompasses a lot of issues. And it's gonna take some hard decisions. It to tackle it. Quite frankly generations of politicians for years and keep this issue because within on the road and it's really left up to Boston's Milan deals to deal with it. This could take tough choices and candidates both parties are working together make you lose hard choices I want to hear some honest. Rooms full. Some honest and full insight into what freshmen due to address this problem soon learn about dealing with the and forty years when we're looking. That's what everyone's here tonight specifics that's what we've been talking about. I'm just introduce yourself would you wanna hear tonight. Am I imagine how the academy at think that young people they want to know they're gonna at a time. I am home they want to start immediately so we need snow. Leaders look parties are gonna do to make sure that young people and and that Stanley and the American dream that are abusing pregnant man. And you were actually telling me earlier that you're a legislative aide in Wisconsin. And you know. For you do we mean it is a big issue there's only one woman up on stage tonight colleagues he'd been so. Are you looking at what she's gonna talk about specifically. A partisan issue I think both sides of the aisle need to learn to encourage young Indians you run for eyewitness I think that women in great idea. The morning anchor's name is again involved in the process. On either side event our nations in need. Yeah and and Rick I think it's been very ironic here tonight in some ways because they've been talking. About minimum wage here right by the hotel down the street. There's a huge rally going on where people are calling for fifteen dollars across the board to raise that minimum wage nationally. Meanwhile you have a lot of Republicans in town and people are gonna wonder tonight a lot of people. We're here in Milwaukee. They get a talk about that anything you think tonight that that's going to be. An issue that's discussed yeah. It will be a need to that affects a lot of people in our country that are having access to the same Latimer economic opportunity. As the generation before. Any means that it just ask the workers we have to remember that 46%. That people in the labor force actually making less than eight dollars and ours is not just happened workers it is a misconception. Eighty a lot of people. Wait on can't Markey chairs apparently tablet features. So in 8888. Ethics across the board. And Rick added we've been hearing on your end but I mean. People are looking for specifics. From from the candidates tonight in. You know it seems like there's a lot of momentum and people are hoping for that they're going to be listed here that even though were allowed bar here in Milwaukee where he put it. Let's talk about the Bart seeing Dan because I don't think a lot of people of experience at the beach in a bar. Due to the drinking games come out because you're in a bar does it feel like you're rooting for once he was the other and I imagine a lot of Packers fans just like a Packers lions game for people. Were you expected to kind of be hushed atmosphere what was like during the undercard what are you expecting a few minutes. What's interesting a lot of people here I have floating you know into the bar on the streets after attending a fifteen dollar minimum. Wage rally but I'll talk back question you guys do you think that there's going to be drinking games here tonight is that is that is it isn't a Packers they have it would it would you guys think. Be drinking game that might be public. A lot of people here from different the political. We're looking more. Some of these the real impact that we want them and they want to take a tangible and leave it this story. Now we've got Republicans and Democrats in this sort of a sports game at the bar. Sherlund at the theater with the nuclear look into reputed loan due to ten. And and I mean do you guys. Plan on having a few women who got that if getting started but is this is that the party or is this. Is that theory is that something that is this a social thing or anything. Hicks is so excellent that it's about the human and and I'm excited and I've seen it work he. And watch together. Honest discussion about it needs in this country. And in and I guess that's an important question. You know we got Republicans over here and we've got Democrats agree here that is are they gonna get along are you guys that get a lot of night. Clark of course they used as we have to find common ground and I think the they have made some of them coming up women and I think he's exactly this same especially when I'm economic. You know and and we have to come together. Absolutely and I should mention you know David act. Got through in a gated estate represented here and Wisconsin. Did an economics professor on this I'm have a legislative. What's in the capital hasn't done and we also have Stephen actually tried to run. We want political operative with a lot of people on both sides who care about these issues were looking for those specifics. We haven't really heard in previous today so. We're excited. All right Deb finally Wisconsin a very closely divided politically minded state they've heard so much from politicians over the last couple of years. Is there's something unexpected something local. It that people looking for in this debate and it was a national debate but is this something that was consonants are particularly to throw hearings. Yeah I did you know. It's here outrages. Against your. And that we're talking. Specifically for Wisconsin something you want to hear from indictment to. What looked so its ties with. It is important to hear from in this. Tight race here and we hit that. I think its investment write we don't invest in to arm both economies or local residents and local. Systems that we don't get. The next level so that they can be better off. Right getting out of that inequality. For you. Vegas and asking them on that he's having hastening of course in the creation what are we going to that we need seven million people live here in the United States. Want to say want to raise their hands what are we going to do them in the nation happy news. Right here from Paraguay in your your father get our us with a lot this is really big issue for you immigration reform and an open field. It acts. What they expect that there for their young families and their parents. An opportunity in and Wilmington and inland hills expecting. For a life. I think the working world. What are we gonna do to get the economy growing we have a lot of issues at hand and a lot of the economic issues can be solved with growth. We're gonna payoff that it would grow the economy. That's how you doing you grow the economy that creates jobs creates opportunity and that's how we solve a lot of the problems Powell as a country are we going to grow. And that's and that's really ending and people are really looking for the specifics earlier today meaning god bless the hotel and he says doesn't it. Outright war. You know we witnessed opponents of questions tonight I think for a lot of people here is are we gonna cut through all the noise and the politics of this game and actually hear what these candidates want to do. For this country. All right Ken Weaver and confusion at the best assignment of the night over at Dolly's bar in Milwaukee. Want to kick it over to the spin room where. My deputy political directors as John Walsh joins us live shows how are things in Milwaukee what's the lives. Of the. Hi Rick yet we're here in Milwaukee in the filing center where all that. Reporters crowded in net and we've watched. The boot on there I'm are all in different. You'll see air different. A mother prayers are Americans are getting stupid redneck debate orbit when the speaker I'm here we've Tommy on our curse on the covers Republicans. And I guess Tom just preview the debate that's coming up that main stay pretty yeah. It's the fourth Republican debate I think this really a critical debate for a few different candidates first. Doctor Ben Carson so we people talking about his life story Sony people questioned those aspects of the violence in his youth and also. Him attacking a friend in and some of the stuff he did while a student at Yale I can get to come up Donald Trump. Has hammered on that theory hardest he's neck and neck now the polls with with doctor Ben Carson. Trump is getting tougher and tougher and we'll see that please on the debate stage north earlier tour Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America are asked him about that and said. You know he wasn't practicing debate lines but. I think once he's on the stage once he has that energy and see what exactly happened she's kind of been telegraphing these attacks the last few days. I won't be surprised if we see on the stage the other big story will be the rematch between Jeb Bush and senator Marco Rubio Jeb Bush went after his close friend. Person he's mentored for years for a politics. And it didn't go well you know up by all accounts rubio. One that got part of the debate and it really stunted and stop Jeb Bush campaign's holes in their tracks have promised their donors afterwards prompt supporters. Jets got to meet you coach now is he told Jonathan Karl Matt on that bus and now receive what kind of performance jet ski can. Happened during this debate you know he says. He's ready critical it's really critical needs two out that breakout that memorable moment. Hedrick yes just let's talk expectations game because so much greatly cutting and a so much of the gain is is for eggs in. What what are you hearing from. Folks in this about what to expect and in who's good who's likely to shine and did any of the candidates come through today that's been a big highlight some of the previous debates. So yes in the previous debates a lot of other cancer kind of come through to talk before him but we didn't find that today he should that person comes through and that that didn't. Happened today Kirk and hopefully after the next set the main stage to be able CEO about the candidates come through. But as for expectations obviously a lot of what. Tom gets. It's critical for Jeb Bush to have a breakout moment have a memorable moment. It's not an and the next to be it's not like it was last time just couple weeks. We now the whole month and deep into the Christmas season who he believed to have a memorable moments tonight. Save up faltering campaign that things were what we saw the couple has gotten out last debate things did not go well and so I think it's really all eyes on Jeb Bush tonight. And he's got that call with donors after the debate what you mentioned the counter talked about that it's going to be five weeks to the next debate and didn't you act that the holidays hit. Donors are ready to be a whole lot of money during the holidays people connect outback recovered following the races draft parties or their family and dependent on donated so this really is a critical point for Jeb Bush has it that debate. It's going to be really tough to tell donors to dig deeper and find more money. And show us and that's really critical owners or the pressure's really on it's just toss this over an atomic antipathy thing Carson out there a lot. Does he seem rattled at all. By the scrutiny that he's gotten we've secular we've seen a different side of an arsenal last couple whisker Chris. So town is asking you. Just one person bottled wrong on the can't have this spring the question but it's been a lot of time with doctor Ben Carson campaigned in order. Author reporter Catherine folders as well and that this is the most fired up whatever simple crises puckered up it's not part of like Donald Trump fired right. You what do you fired my big. Doctrine but that's not yet you see energy in his eyes but it's not doctor Ben Carson. You people always ask you. Doctor Ben Carson connect watching doing so well evangelicals a lot of this campaign events our church services you go there's prayers there's a song leader was speaking of songs. Evan Carson has Howard have to two hours. To make his pitch that does it work on the campaign stated his look and sound bites TV news reports the death toll connects with people but yet he's different more more. Right but he's had that he is very effective. Closing statements are not like for all by the cancer was so important it's critical for that person. Because even though it's not even hit the front running and I can talk a lot during the debate that closing moment for Ben Carson he's really nailed it a lot of. So human and we talked about jab we talked a little Zoubek right. Yup north. Not just gonna out walk around a little bit and show you some of our other reporters sitting right next to me bring in that thing we have. Here net. Filing center here. Yeah here is the T you. Is that guitarist Steve wouldn't let him in aero. TMRS. I and and this is airing pictures you. Who is cracked and our party of your hot so. Rick that your crashing her party. Nationally or in parties but look there was a lot going on here rate there was an entire. Undercard debate where we just saw Chris Christie refused to be relegated. June his second year status that the polling hordes and he came out swinging. Against Hillary Clinton. Oh. But. Actor hard. My mouth it. Just focus on him I don't want to know it. He doesn't see Bobby Jindal Rick Santorum Mike Huckabee is Robert he wants to be up that are. With the big boys and and cheaply taking on Hillary Clinton said invoking his former profession he wants to be the one to prosecute. Her record. And he kept in pokey Clinton is Hillary Clinton Matt. And even Bobby Jindal right there and executing at record in New Jersey Chris your record in New Jersey. Are currently nine. I. Out. When asked certain properties that are. On my. It's okay. Bob Richardson he would offer. Chris Christie's and ribbon participation and manager's box so but it. I thought that was really set off I was wrong. Nights and by doing that people. I think active after voters largely. Could cripple the senate that's you Rick and so much. Just hold things called now the sport out Milwaukee got only BC team out there are got my debate not Joes here don't forget this is a way to enjoy this is the way it's done if you want to probe. Tested to show you how to do its we're gonna switch it over to the great stated New Hampshire right now where our man on the scene Brad milky. Is that a house party for Marco Rubio as debate watch party Concord, New Hampshire and Brad what what are they expecting here in doubt. And flick people what was up with Seattle that a lot of people around the country are doing debate watching parties the New Hampshire a little bit different. That's right well good evening again I'm here in Concord, New Hampshire state capital New Hampshire and death. The scene happens all over the state of nights like tonight here were so used to leading candidates being part of the political scene here as there's an item here don't Marco Rubio house party lot of Marco Rubio supporters gathered here it's about a dozen people may be twenty he'll show up and this is a common thing we got meats cheeses we got some line out we got some desserts and people here having a good time tonight and they're hoping for good performance from their man marker rubio. So these are rubio supporters they get together in one place to catch here their their guy on is any different then you know rooting for the pats over the colts. If. Dialect and will probably see if you cheers and see if you boost us again it in that regard it's probably a little bit like a pats game. I think it may be a little bit warmer weather here in a very nice heated house. It out pretty close. So proud you do spend a lot of time in the state earned her embedded understated ranch right now for ABC news Andy is is that sort of the particular about a New Hampshire viewer in New Hampshire border that you learned that might be instructed to our audience are they watching moments like this a little bit differently given their outsize role in the process. We I think. They are Rick I think they're so used to seeing these candidates in person. That they really are looking for a little bit more substance than perhaps the average vote of its chips. You know really misses the dating game right now right from mostly country people are just getting used to seeing these candidates for the first time feeling at the positions they did here in the state for months and if you haven't seen a candidate at this point that your own fall yet no one but yourself to blame and so. A lot of voters here talking about viability date. They might like a few candidates are they might have a short list but they're concerned with who can actually win the election the general election. In November and threaded mode for the most part Republicans here are trying to. Trying to discern who's gonna be that person. They can go all the way. And that doesn't matter what candidates say they're all in on New Hampshire and had to get lost you right now but do you hear me ready if I can receive it back and alignment you hear me all wrapped up. It. All right. As we get worked up a point about New Hampshire right now there are so many candidates. We're trying to do exactly the same thing which is to wean the New Hampshire primary. We are we are just a few minutes away from this next debate and we'll see we can get back there live on the scene and and I'll say this about this. I'll say this about rats out right now hope Brad. Talk to me about how many candidates right now we must wouldn't have seems like here is covering it does that matter was found on the state. Got it there's a few candidates that have stated goal that. The entire campaign on New Hampshire and you've seen a few of them already tonight Chris Christie is one of the people who decided early on how. Asked to do well in New Hampshire. Part of it is the proximity keys you know as governor of New Jersey. It's very close can easily get to the state doesn't cost a lot of money to campaign in New Hampshire because it's so small it's easier to get around in a place like California are irked access. For Florida you don't have to spend as much money could then you've also seen candidates. Like Jeb Bush. He's really put a lot of investment in New Hampshire back he's kind of retreating into the State's BC news poll numbers drop. He's decided that New Hampshire is really replacement given that reboot and you also have John basically we'll see tonight. Don't there's candidates who states that I'm in New Hampshire has not worked out so well put him in Scranton George Pataki have been the state. For dozens and dozens of visits at this point it they're not been on the under a what's been on the undercard debate tonight. Archives will be up in Concord, New Hampshire any Marco Rubio house watching part we'll check back with you that goes on thank you Brad. For being out there for us and watch the debate with some our friends in the great granite state. That does it for now for ABC news vigil I am Rick Klein I've got my debate not chosen joints and eyes covered.

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