This week was an exciting one at DNC Headquarters. On Monday, we unveiled the Democratic Victory Task Force’s Final Report and Action Plan. The Task Force, commissioned by DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz following the 2014 elections, conducted extensive research, including feedback from more than 100,000 supporters across the country. The full Democratic Victory Task Force Report and Action Plan is available here, and a Progress Update from DNC CEO Amy Dacey is available here.

This week we also heard from DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz as she responded to Donald Trump’s demonizing comments about Muslim-Americans: "Americans deserve better than a presidential nominating contest dominated by appeals to racial intolerance and calls for legalized discrimination.” Read the Chair’s full remarks here. We also have a new video on GOP efforts to incite fear. Check it out here.
On Tuesday, GOP Candidate Jeb Bush proposed that the United States limit its admittance of Syrian refugees to “orphans and Christians.” He also suggested that civilian casualties are “just a part of war.” Check out the DNC’s response to Bush’s out of touch foreign policy ideas here
Furthermore, Senator Marco Rubio missed a key intelligence briefing on Wednesday in favor of attending a fundraiser on the west coast. The briefing from Secretary of State John Kerry and other key officials focused largely on the refugee situation in the wake of the Paris attacks. Our Factivists have more on Rubio’s absenteeism. Check it out here
Yesterday, Senator Rubio received the endorsement of another Republican Member of Congress known for wasting taxpayer dollars, Utah Rep. Mia Love. In September, Rep. Love came under fire for using her Congressional account to finance her trip to attend Washington DC’s largest social event, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Rubio garnered similar reproach for his use of a Florida GOP credit card for personal expenses.  Our Factivists are back with more on Rubio and Love’s misuse of funds here.  
Moreover, Senator Ted Cruz also received the endorsement of a likeminded Congressman, fellow extreme xenophobe Rep. Steve King. King also holds the distinction of least effective Member of Congress. Cruz’s immigration proposal would remove birthright citizenship from the 14th amendment and reverse President Obama’s executive actions that keep families together. Check out more on Ted Cruz’s draconian immigration policies from our Factivists here
For more information on what’s been happening this week, please check out this report from the DNC Communications team.

Robert Hansen


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