Earlier today, the November jobs report was released—complete with more great news about our economy. 211,000 new jobs were created – marking a record 69 straight months of private sector growth -- and the unemployment rate held at 5 percent. This strong jobs report is further proof that the hard work being done by President Obama to rebuild the economy from the Great Recession left behind by George W. Bush is paying off.

 On a much different note, our country experienced one of the worst mass shootings it has ever seen this week, when ISIL-inspired murderers used long guns and assault rifles to kill 14 Americans and wound 21 others. In response, Democrats quickly and resoundingly said “enough is enough.” It’s time for our nation’s leaders to pass sensible reforms and keep guns out of the hands of criminals, the mentally ill, and those on national security watch lists. And while the vast majority of Americans agree with our Party, all four Republican Senators running for president voted against an amendment that would have kept firearms out of the hands of terrorists yesterday. Check out more on the GOP field’s failure to act on gun control here.

 Adding insult to injury, in the wake of the horrific Planned Parenthood shooting that occurred last week in Colorado, Ted Cruz asserted “the overwhelming majority of violent criminals are Democrats,” while fellow GOP hopeful Marco Rubio stated that “the vast majority of shootings happen when a criminal is shooting another criminal.” Check out more on the GOP’s insensitive commentary from our Factivistshere.

 Finally, the Republican party has begun to embrace its outrageous and offensive frontrunner, Donald Trump, with a new memo encouraging GOP Senate candidates to emulate his strategies. The memo encourages candidates to “adopt many of Trump’s tactics, issues and approaches,” including changing the ways in which they dress and use Twitter. Our Factivists are back with more on the Republicans’ extreme turn here.

  Have a safe and happy weekend.

Robert Hansen


Grew up in Escanaba MI, now living in Greenfield WI. Father, Activist, Past @ironstache @newstalk1510am @mkedems. Opinions are mine.