The clearest message from last night’s GOP debate was that the Republican Party is stuck with what it created after years of pandering to extremists. They are stuck with a field of candidates with views far out of the mainstream and out of touch with the American people.

It was ironic to hear Marco Rubio criticize Donald Trump for not having a health care plan, while in reality none of the candidates have a detailed plan beyond repealing the Affordable Care Act and taking health care away from 19 million Americans. Furthermore, the Republican candidates have continued their dangerous rhetoric in favor of mass deportations. When you compare the extremism of the Republican Party to the serious, substantive, strong vision of the Democratic candidates, it’s clear we have to elect a Democrat as our 45th President.
Luckily, early primary results are proving to bode well for Democrats, while Republicans are in a state of denial. Republicans have a fragmented approach to data and analytics, while Democrats are using a state of the art national voter file program. We have built a national digital infrastructure that has helped state parties improve on everything they did in 2008, such as building online caucus location finders. What is clearly evident from the early states so far is that Democratic candidates are generating excitement without using a vulgar reality star, insults, dirty tricks, or fear tactics. 
Finally, two polls released this week found that the American people want Congress to move forward with voting on a Supreme Court nominee. The majority of Americans believe the Senate should hold hearings and vote on President Obama’s choice to fill the vacancy. Check out the DNC’s new media campaign, #DoYourJob and #FillTheSeat, which focuses on how the Supreme Court vacancy has an impact on all Americans.
Have a safe and happy weekend.
Robert Hansen


Grew up in Escanaba MI, now living in Greenfield WI. Father, Activist, Past @ironstache @newstalk1510am @mkedems. Opinions are mine.