LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you after witnessing my absolute proudest moment as a life long Democrat. That occurred while watching 106 year old Virginia McLaurin, a black woman, dancing with the President and First Lady in the Whitehouse. The first black president and black first lady. I was trying to imagine what she has seen in her lifetime and it is staggering. Born in 1909 she saw WWl and WWll, the rise of the KKK and the Great Depression, Back of the Bus and Whites Only, Lynchings and the Civil Rights Act, Poll taxes and Voter ID, and a lifetime of bigotry and suppression because she was black and a woman. Her unsurpassed joy and excitement brought tears to my eyes and swelled my heart with pride. This event took place because my political party had the ability to look past a man’s color and the majority of our country did the same. For his part, Barak Hussein Obama has done us proud at every turn, despite being fought tooth and nail by the most contentious Republican congress in our nation’s history. Their attitude can only be explained by what Virginia has endured her entire 106 years. Racism!

Electing President Obama was a gigantic step, but it has by no means crushed racism, and this disease has greatly weakened our nation and acted as an anchor on our advancement. It is time for all of us, as a nation, to purge ourselves of the ridiculous belief that you can judge a person according to their color. You judge a person by their actions. Nothing else matters. Color is merely an accident of birth and inconsequential in a society devoid of racism. When all are allowed to flourish, everyone reaps the benefits.


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