LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country that is enduring a domestic terrorist attack at the rate of more than one a day. Mass killings occur every day, everywhere in our country. Every week the TSA confiscates 80-100 loaded weapons from passengers trying to smuggle them on to the plane. On average 80-100 people shoot themselves each week accidentally. There are more guns than people in our country. More than ten thousand children a year are killed or wounded by guns. An armed law enforcement officer is less likely to be shot than a child on a playground. What in the hell does it take to make this “Gun Culture” obsolete? Wayne LaPierre of the NRA gets a gigantic erection whenever a mass killing occurs because it will mean a leap in gun sales and more money in his pocket. Arming every man, woman and child does not create a safe environment. It makes a volatile situation intolerable. It is time to make the ammosexuals greatest fear a reality. It is time to take away the damn guns! Assault weapons have one purpose. They are designed to kill humans. They must be banned and confiscated. Anyone caught with one of these human killers gets automatic prison time without benefit of a trial. Every single gun must be registered with a national database. Failure to do so again means automatic prison time. Open carry is beyond bat shit crazy. It is impossible to tell a mass killer from the proverbial “good guy with a gun”. Anyone walking around in public displaying a gun should also get automatic prison time. We cannot let this insanity continue. Time for every voter to get up off their asses and make sure they vote for a candidate that is not in the back pocket of the “Gun Culture”. Only then will our society have a chance to survive.


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Robert Hansen


Grew up in Escanaba MI, now living in Greenfield WI. Father, Activist, Past @ironstache @newstalk1510am @mkedems. Opinions are mine.