LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country with a state where over 50,000 voters thought the Canadian/Cuban senator from Texas, Raphael Eduardo “Ted” fucking Cruz, would make a good president, and over 45,000 voters thought a reality TV show host, “The Donald” Trump, with absolutely zero political experience, would make a good president. Iowa desperately needs to have their water tested! We knew they tended towards bat shit craziness when they elected the pig castrator, Joni “I wear bread bags in the snow” Ernst to be their senator, but “Ted” and Trump make Joni seem almost not crazy. Democrats were very evenly divided between first lady, Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders with Clinton eking out slightly ahead. Both Clinton and Sanders have demonstrated a lifetime of devotion to our country and it’s citizens, and either would be very capable of leading our nation. “Ted” and Trump, however have somewhat dubious resumes. “Ted” may not even be a natural born citizen since his mother had given up her American citizenship and was voting in Canadian elections before he was born. “The Donald” would turn the Whitehouse into a casino and bankrupt the national treasury with his “deals”. There is one saving grace to the Iowan debacle. The last two winners of the GOP endorsement were Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum. Republican Iowans do not seem to be in line with the rest of their party very often and for that I say, Thank You, Jesus! Even the GOP can do better than that! I mean, can’t they?


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Robert Hansen


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