LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country that is having the most confusing presidential race in it’s history. Of course I am referring to the Republicans. They have devolved from a clown car full of 20 wannabes down to reality TV show host and a certifiably insane religious fanatic. Namely “The Donald” Trump and Raphael Eduardo “Ted” Cruz. How you get Ted out of Raphael Eduardo is beyond me. Must be a Canadian thing. His daddy claims Ted is appointed by God himself to lead our nation through the Rapture which is supposedly just around the corner. His daddy also claims that public education is a communist plot because it is not based on his personal religion. “The Donald” is leading in all the polls and has just cemented his position with his belligerent, loudmouthed racist base by bringing that mental giant from Alaska, Sarah Palin, back into the national scene. Why would he bring Sarah and her abstinence preaching daughter with at least two out of wedlock children, and her girlfriend beating, automatic rifle toting while drunk son back to the place where they have already destroyed one GOP presidential campaign? It makes no sense, unless he is secretly working for his good friend Hillary to totally destroy what remains of the Republican party. It only makes sense if he is a mole set up to demonstrate how completely out of touch with true American values the GOP has become. Then and only then does the re-introduction of Caribou Barbie make any sense at all. You go Donald! Brilliant move! Love it!


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Robert Hansen


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