LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country that has the opportunity to once again make human beings more important than corporations. We are talking about moral issues and not religious issues since there seems to be no relationship between the two. The 2016 elections could go down in history as one of the most significant events in the development of our culture. We have at our disposal the absolute ability to make 2016 the beginning of the Golden Age of Man. If you believe everyone regardless of ethnic origins, deserves health care, education, housing, food on the table, a job with a living wage, a livable retirement income, equal pay for equal work, freedom to marry the person you love, then you are on solid moral ground. If you do not believe in these concepts, it matters not how good a Christian you claim to be, because your morals are bankrupt. Just to make things clear, Democrats support every single one of these concepts. Democrats will be running for office at every single level of government in every single city, county and state in 2016. Republicans do not support a single one of these concepts. Registered Democratic voters outnumber registered Republican voters. Do not let this milestone election go by without participating. It is our duty as good moral Democrats to make sure everyone gets to the polls and does the morally right thing. Vote for Democrats!


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Robert Hansen


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