LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country where Democrats seem almost as splintered as the Republicans. Who am I kidding? The Republicans are bat shit crazy, but Democrats are splintered. I put a simple meme up on FB : MY ONLY CHRISTMAS WISH IS THAT ALL DEMOCRATS VOTE IN 2016 REGARDLESS OF WHO THE NOMINEE TURNS OUT TO BE. A shit storm of comments ensued. “If that lying slut Hillary wins the nomination I will not vote period!” or “If one more old white man gets the nomination I will not be voting!” Democrats outnumber Republicans and this crap is exactly what Republicans are counting on. In 2012 only 57% of all registered voters actually voted. In that important presidential election, 93 million registered voters said, “Fuck it!” Only slightly more than one third of all registered voters actually voted in the 2014 mid term elections and two thirds of those were Republicans. The big mandate of 2014 was delivered by a distinct minority of eligible voters. That is exactly why voting is so damn important. Of course Democrats have every right to campaign for their favorite candidate, but to say you will not vote if your candidate loses the nomination is nuts! United we stand and divided we fall and Donald Trump is our president. I am a Hillary supporter and I hope she wins, but rest assured that if Bernie is the candidate I will happily vote for him. The last thing we need with the majority of the Supreme Court hanging in the balance is another damn conservative.

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