LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a world that is FINALLY starting to pull its head out of its ass and realize that MAN does impact the climate, and as a result needs to be monitored. In the USA Republican heads are exploding! The world is telling them that all their naysaying is total bullshit! The Paris Pact is monumental because it shows the world is for once trying to get itself on the same page and save our planet from a disastrous outcome caused by sticking our collective heads in the sand for way too many years. Is the pact perfect? Hell no! Is it a gigantic step in the right direction? Hell yes! Global recognition of the state of our planet is imperative if we ever hope to save it from the actions of man. It is crucial that these first steps be followed up with judicious actions designed to protect our world from modern man, and ensure its survival for future man. This is a baby step towards what will hopefully evolve into a global government and economy. Only then will we really be equipped to protect the planet the way it should be protected. This is not going to be an overnight change, unless along the way we are confronted with a potential planetary disaster, but I feel encouraged that in my lifetime I may have seen the beginning of this transformation. Well done world! Keep that shit up!


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