LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country where Republicans have totally ignored their own heritage and have become vehemently anti-immigration. The ONLY people in this country not related to immigrants are the few Native Americans who survived the white man’s wrath. All the rest of us are immigrants. ALL the rest of us are immigrants from the founding fathers on. Why are Republicans so afraid of immigrants? First of all they are racist, bigoted pigs that have conveniently forgotten how their own ancestors got into this country. Secondly the Republican Party is controlled by a rapidly dwindling sect of Evangelical Christians who realize that the majority of new immigrants are not likely to be Evangelical Christians. The Party of Old White Men is running out of old white men and they are desperate in the attempt to prevent a cataclysmic shift (for them) in the balance of power. Our country was literally built by immigration. The lure of a place that guarantees freedom of religion is irresistible to all religions.  That influx of many religions is exactly what scares the shit out of the Evangelical Christians and their elected Republican officials. They know that those damn Liberals who actually practice the “Christian” principals they are so fond of espousing will act in the best interests of ALL the people and not just “God’s” chosen.

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Robert Hansen


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