LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country that is witnessing the best presidential campaign in the history of our nation. The total meltdown of the Republican Party is particularly entertaining in light of their horrible treatment of President and Mrs. Barack Obama. Our Lady of Karma is kicking Republican asses, taking names and laughing her ass off!


The reality TV host they selected to be their presidential candidate is an unqualified disaster. Hardcore conservative newspapers that have NEVER endorsed a Democrat are condemning the GOP candidate and endorsing Hillary Clinton.


Every living Republican president has found him to be so offensive that they have publically declared their support for Hillary Clinton.


Republican members of congress, especially those running for re-election are disassociating themselves from his campaign to try and avoid the vortex that is sucking what remains of their party down the sewer. What they are too dense to realize is that their own total failure at running our government is much more responsible for their re-election troubles than anything their flawed candidate has done.


One of the funniest things to see is how the misogynistic, racist “deplorables” who still support the GOP candidate, are scrambling to justify the unbelievably crass crap that comes out of his mouth on a daily basis. “Pussy grabbing is not sexual assault, it’s macho!” “Not paying taxes is brilliant.” He was stupid enough to threaten Hillary with more Bill Clinton “rape” stories if any more tapes of his vile treatment of women and who knows what are released. By doing so, the stupid fuck is admitting that what we have seen so far is just the tip of the iceberg.


We have less than 30 days before the election that will solidify the destruction of the Republican Party. A destruction that will last for decades. Who can possibly guess what revelations are coming next? It is good to be a liberal Democrat.


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Robert Hansen


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