We have not gone more than eight days without a mass shooting in this country this year. That means that each week, more families are grieving, more communities are being pieced back together. As a nation, we're holding everyone affected by these heartbreaking events in our prayers.

But our thoughts and prayers simply are not enough. We have had more than 300 mass shootings in the United States so far in 2015 -- because of which, nearly 400 Americans have been killed, and more than 1,000 have been injured. These numbers are horrific. But it's important that we talk about them. We can't sweep this problem under the rug, or allow ourselves to become numb to it, or accept that there's nothing we can do because "stuff happens."

Let me be clear about this, Robert: Unless we do something -- change our politics and change our laws -- these painful tragedies will continue. And we will have allowed them to continue.

I don't want this to be our reality, and I know the majority of Americans feel the same. Despite what some might claim, this is not about the Second Amendment but about the will of the American people who overwhelmingly want to see commonsense reform measures.

But I cannot change this by myself. I need members of Congress, state legislatures, and governors who will work with me -- who will stand up and say that this reality is unacceptable. That we don't have to see innocent lives cut short, time after time, and stand idly by. And I need people like you to stand up and say that enough is enough.

Together, you and I have made so much progress during my time as President. We have helped more than 17 million Americans get the health coverage they need. We have seen hearts and minds change on civil rights issues like marriage equality. We have taken action to help secure a healthy planet for future generations. But this is one thing we haven't been able to do. We have not reformed our gun laws to help reduce the unnecessary deaths we see in this country every single day. Robert, we still can -- by making sure we urge future leaders to act where we have been stalled.

It's up to us to speak up for the countless voices lost to gun violence. If you believe we can do this, together, then add your name today:


Thank you.

Barack Obama

Robert Hansen


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