Wisconsin veterans won't find a friend in Senator Ron Johnson, who has voted three times against job-assistance programs for military members transitioning to civilian life. 

In 2012 Senator Johnson was one of just eight senators to vote against the Veterans Jobs Corps Bill to provide training to servicemembers looking for work in the midst of our nation's difficult economic recovery.

Senator Johnson affirmed that vote in 2014 by killing a package of veterans reforms including expanded health care, education services and job training benefits for veterans and their families. 

Washington Post Headline: "Senate rejects far-reaching Veterans Affairs bill" 

"It's appalling that Senator Ron Johnson is one of the first politicians to say we need to put American boots on the ground in conflicts across the globe, but won't provide those military members with support to transition to civilian life when they return," said Martha Laning, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. 

Senator Johnson's record on veterans issues drew a "scathing" report on how he "has failed Wisconsin veterans" from a group representing more than 400,000 veterans. 

Background on Senator Johnson's record:

Johnson Voted Against Veterans Package To Expand Medical, Educational And Other Benefits For Veterans. In February 2014, Johnson voted against: “Sanders, I-Vt., motion to waive all applicable budget laws with respect to the Sessions, R-Ala., point of order against the bill that would extend and expand health care and education benefits and job-assistance programs for veterans and their families.” The motion was rejected by a vote of 56-41. [CQ, 2/27/14; S. 1982, Vote 46, 2/27/14]

Johnson Voted To Kill A Bill Expanding Health Care, Education And Job Training Benefits For Veterans And Their Families. In February 2014, Johnson voted for: “Graham, R-S.C., motion to table (kill) the Reid, D-Nev., motion to commit the bill to the Veterans Affairs Committee with instructions that it be reported back with provisions that would delay the enactment date by three days.” The motion to table failed 44-52. [CQ, 2/27/14; S. 1982, Vote 45, 2/27/14]

Johnson Was One Of Only 8 Senators Who Voted Against Considering A Bill That Would Give Veterans Priority For Certain Federal Jobs And Provide Training For Service Members In Search Of Civilian Work. In September 2012, Johnson voted against: “motion to proceed to the [Veterans Jobs Corps] bill that would give veterans priority for certain federal jobs and provide training for servicemembers in search of civilian work.” The motion was agreed to 84-8. [CQ, 9/12/12; S. 3457, Vote 192, 9/12/12


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