I’m an American and also a Muslim.

Today, I’m asking all Americans of every faith to join me to denounce Donald Trump’s hate speech.

His plan to shut Muslims out of America has no place in our Democracy.

His prejudice against Muslims is reckless, dangerous and racist.

Trump doesn’t understand what makes America great.

We are a nation of different faiths, but we share a common belief that our differences only make us better, and together -- we can build a stronger America. 

That is the greatness of our nation.

Will you stand with me and other progressives in denouncing Trump’s hateful comments?

Every day, Muslims in America like myself are working hard to strengthen our communities.

Muslim Americans own businesses. We are leaders in communities, teachers in local schools and members of the Armed Forces. We are fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers. And we are your neighbors.

Simply put: We are Americans.

And as an American -- I think it’s time we said NO to the hate.

Join me to denounce Trump’s Muslim prejudice. 

Thank you,

Mansoor Khadir
Northeast Field Director, DCCC

Nancy Kaplan


Retired Professor of Human-Computer Interaction, news junky, progressive