New Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Sunday dismissed Democrats’ calls for a paid family leave law as another “federal entitlement,” and said his position isn’t at odds with recent remarks that he wants to spend weekends with his young family in Wisconsin.

“I don’t think people asked me to be Speaker so I can take more money from hard-working taxpayers, so I can create some new federal entitlement,” Ryan said during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday.” “But I think the public wants to have members of Congress that represent them, that are like them.

“Don’t you want your member of Congress to be a citizen legislator who lives with you, among you, who has your own kinds of concerns, who wants to spend time with his children on Saturdays and Sundays?”

Ryan has said he wouldn’t be like other modern Speakers who criss-cross the country on weekends to raise cash for the party; instead, he said he’ll return home each weekend to his native Janesville, Wis., where his wife and three children live.

But Democrats pounced on him, saying he’s a hypocrite for wanting time with his own family while denying mandatory paid time off for other hard-working Americans.

“Yes, Sundays are going to be family days, and Saturdays are family and constituent days,” Ryan said. “That is what I think most people want in their life is a balance.”

Ryan went trick-or-treating with his three children on Halloween, with his new Capitol Police security detail in tow, according to video shown on Fox.

Robert Hansen


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