Paul Ryan just stated in his acceptance speech that the House of Representatives will “not duck tough issues” and will “take them head on.” What about comprehensive immigration reform?

That has already proven untrue given his commitment to the House Freedom Caucus that he would not pursue comprehension immigration reform this Congress.

Immigration Reform

Headline: National Review: “Paul Ryan Pledges: No Immigration Reform Under Obama.” [National Review, 10/27/15]

Headline: Huntsville Times: “Mo Brooks, Freedom Caucus strike hardline immigration deal with Paul Ryan.” [Huntsville Times, 10/27/15]

Ryan’s First Known Promise As Speaker Was To Abandon Efforts To Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform. “In his bid to be voted Speaker of the House, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan has made concessions on immigration policy to satisfy a conservative wing of House Republicans, according to U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks. . . . It’s the first known promise Ryan has made in his effort to win the top position in the House of Representatives. And the deal on immigration may help pave support for Ryan with House conservatives beyond the Freedom Caucus.” [Huntsville Times, 10/27/15]

Ryan Signed Off On Letter Promising House Freedom Caucus He Would Not Bring Immigration Reform Unless It Received A Support Of A Majority Of Republicans. “Paul Ryan has signed off on a letter promising restless members of the House Freedom Caucus (HFC) that he won’t bring immigration-reform legislation to the House floor while President Obama remains in office. The letter, obtained exclusively by National Review, formalizes pledges that Ryan made last week in a closed-door meeting with select members of the HFC who were skeptical of his promise to maintain an ‘open’ and ‘inclusive’ relationship with the caucus. Specifically, it extracts Ryan’s word that he will not bring up comprehensive immigration reform ‘so long as Barack Obama is president’ and, as speaker, Ryan will not allow any immigration bill to reach the floor for a vote unless a ‘majority’ of GOP members support it.” [National Review, 10/27/15]

Robert Hansen


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