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LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country that is tired of one of the largest businesses in our nation paying no taxes whatsoever on their 100 Billion dollar annual take. Of course I am referring to the business, the huge business, called organized religion. Initially their exemption was justified in the federal revenue acts of 1894, 1898, 1909, 1913 and 1917 because theoretically they performed “Charitable” services that the public sector did not provide. States followed the federal ruling by exempting religion from all property and state income tax. Today, those “Charitable” services performed by religious organizations, with rare exceptions such as the Salvation Army, are virtually non existent. Yet the exemptions remain in place. That means that every business and individual that does pay taxes is in essence supporting every religious organization in the country including Morman temples, Muslim mosques and Methodist churches regardless of whether or not we agree with their various doctrines. One of the conditions of the tax exempt status of religious organizations is that they refrain from entering the political arena, but when they blatantly ignore this condition, the IRS never prosecutes violators. It is time for this bullshit to end. It is time for God’s minions to put on their big boy pants and pay their fair share. Organized religion is in a decades long decline in our country, due in large part to their failure to provide any services other than brainwashing their congregations with whatever policies they deem essential to maintaining the cash flow used to build gigantic edifices and provide their leaders with lavish lifestyles. We must bring them into the 21st century with a major dose of reality and do away with their much abused exemptions.

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Robert Hansen


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