January 18th, 2021, 6pm

Attendance at 6:15pm: 41

Democratic Party of Milwaukee - General Meeting

  1. Introduction from the Chair
  2. Remarks from County Executive David Crowley
  3. Remarks from Candidates for State Superintendent
    1. Jill Underly 
      1. Anti-voucher
    2. Sheila Briggs  
      1. Anti-voucher
  4. Introductions from:
    1. Rep. Rodriguez
    2. Rep. Vining
    3. County Supervisor Rolland
    4. County Supervisor Haas
  5. Remarks from Candidate for State Superintendent 
    1. Steve Krull
      1. Anti-voucher
    2. Deborah Kerr
      1. Would not commit to opposing voucher schools
  6. Chair Report
    1. Chris visited Georgia and single-handedly flipped two Senate seats
    2. Jacob Malinowski (me) was brought on as Secretary of DPMC 
  7. Remarks from Susan Roth, Candidate for Branch 3 of Milwaukee Circuit Court
  8. Remarks from Vice-Chair Sinicki
    1. No legislative updates, Robin Vos is still being a dolt
    2. Make sure to celebrate this week, we worked hard to elect Joe Biden
  9. Remarks from Mary Jonker, 1st CD Chair
    1. Planning their convention
  10. Remarks from Terrell Martin, 4th CD Chair
    1. Gave out hundreds of toys
    2. 4th CD Convention - March 27th - Virtual - Details to come
  11. Remarks from Martha Love, DNC Representative
    1. Congratulations from the DNC on all of the victories
    2. Jamie Harrison appointed as DNC Chair, new vice chairs and finance chair
  12. Remarks from Nancy Kaplan
    1. New website, thanks to Nick Famularo
  13. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Gala scheduled for March, but will probably be postponed
    2. Make sure to celebrate the inauguration
  14. Chair Report, continued
    1. DPMC will remain neutral in the 2022 Senate Primary
    2. “Sometimes pushing an agenda is harder than fighting a monster”
  15. Remarks from Felesia Martin
  16. Remarks from Candidate for State Superintendent Joe Fenrick