LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country that failed to heed President Dwight Eisenhower’s warning about the danger of the growth of the “military industrial complex” and instead, allowed that military industrial complex to go bat shit crazy.

Bet you did not know that the Pentagon is one of the largest landowners in the world with over 30,000,000 acres. There are 6,000 military bases and/or facilities, including warehouses, in the U.S. and 737 military bases in foreign countries. Russia has 20 military bases in foreign countries, mostly former members of the Soviet Republic. China has one military base in a foreign country.

The U. S. military budget, already higher than the next nine military budgets combined, is currently at $824.1 billion dollars and President Cheeto wants to increase it by another $54 billion dollars. Did I mention bat shit crazy?

This situation has to be addressed. Our priorities as a nation have to change. We do not need this level of military protection to keep our citizens safe. It is our tax money that is paying for this while millions of our citizens are sick, homeless and hungry. Our first responsibility is to our own citizens and not the military industrial complex.

We know what has to be done and how to do it and the exciting new level of activism that has emerged in the post election turmoil even makes it possible. We have to elect government representatives that want the same things we want. 

By closing the majority of foreign bases and selling off that valuable real estate plus slashing the military budget in half, we would have the necessary funds to fix our crumbling infrastructure, provide a top flight public education system for our children, house and feed the hungry and homeless and provide universal healthcare for all citizens without any significant loss in the protection of our nation. It is imperative that the United States of America finally embraces the 21st century.

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Nancy Kaplan


Retired Professor of Human-Computer Interaction, news junky, progressive