LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country where a significant portion of the population is getting ready to let Republican lawmakers know exactly how they feel about their plan to gut the other two remaining social programs created by Democrats, Medicare and Social Security. They just released their plan to replace the ACA with a program that guarantees insurance company CEO’s a significant increase in their personal incomes. While the ACA is universally popular with our citizens, as long as you don’t call it Obamacare, it does have a high degree of vulnerability because of the government subsidies for low-income citizens.

Medicare has a somewhat lesser degree of vulnerability since only half of it’s funding comes from the government and the other half is funded by the payroll tax we pay our entire working life and the premiums paid by Medicare recipients, but the GOP wants to make it a voucher program so old people can buy their own policies. After all Insurance Companies want a lot of old people on their rolls…NOT!

Ever since St. Ronnie of Reagan looked at the huge cash reserves accumulated by the Social Security program, totally funded by U.S. workers, and borrowed from those reserves to give the rich another of the endless tax breaks Republicans are so fond of bestowing on their contributors, they have been salivating to get their greedy little hands on the rest of it. To hear them tell it, our country would be saved if only we could turn Social Security over to their buddies on Wall Street 

The vast majority of seniors depend heavily on their Social Security and Medicare benefits and since we no longer participate at the same level as before in the workforce, we have the time to make sure Republicans know that their great plan to save the country is pure bullshit in the most effective way possible, by voting! Our numbers are currently at 47 million and that is more than enough “White Hair Power” to really drain the swamp in Washington!

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Nancy Kaplan


Retired Professor of Human-Computer Interaction, news junky, progressive