LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country where it is quite obvious that the political party currently in control of the government of the people has little respect or concern for those they, in theory, represent.

The newest incantation of the Republican Party is demonstrating this lack of concern and respect on a daily basis with the worst of it coming straight from the top.

The signs of things to come in the next four years, if Cheeto manages to avoid impeachment, do not bode well for the 99% of our citizens who are not in the top 1% that controls the vast majority of our nation’s wealth.

Every single cabinet candidate he has proposed is either grossly incompetent or has previously declared the department they have been chosen to lead as unnecessary.

His agenda is frightening in the sheer stupidity it reflects. He wants to void all existing trade agreements and diplomatic treaties, making our nation’s word worthless. He wants to replace the ACA with some mystical plan that will be “great” but offers no details. He has recalled every U.S. Ambassador without any replacements. He claims to know more about the military than our generals and feels Russian intelligence is superior to our own. He considers refugees, like the ones who built our nation, to be a dirty word and thinks women are good for only one thing. Native Americans, the environment and ethics are completely off his radar. The ethics thing is understandable when you consider how he got elected. Children are sacred in the womb, but become burdens once born. He does want new infrastructure, as long as it’s his fucking wall and worst of all perhaps, is his team’s desire to ultimately replace our Constitution with some evangelical edited version of the Christian Bible. No wonder he enters the WH with the lowest approval ratings in modern history and can’t even book a Bruce Springsteen cover band for his inauguration party.

Our goal is clear. Keep him busy tweeting about those imagined slights so his chances of getting his ridiculous agenda enacted are greatly reduced.

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Nancy Kaplan


Retired Professor of Human-Computer Interaction, news junky, progressive