LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country where if you don’t think racism exists, then you are white.

In some ways, racism has taken different forms, so as not to appear so blatant. Voter I.D. laws are pure racism, disguised in the platitude, “We want to protect the integrity of our elections!” Upon closer inspection, the amount of “voter fraud” these laws were supposedly designed to curtail is miniscule compared to the number of black citizens unable to vote for lack of the required I.D.

In other ways it makes absolutely no effort to conceal the raw venom of its practitioners, as exhibited by the video of a scantily clad mother screaming at a bunch of kids and telling them to “Go back to Africa!” Or the governor of Maine saying that “Blacks are our enemies!” Or Donald Trump saying that “Blacks are lazy!” Or a 12 year old black boy with a toy gun being gunned down by a white policeman who “feared for his life.” Perhaps no symbol is more purely racist than the confederate battle flag from the “War to Save Slavery”.

How have any of us come to the conclusion that skin color is significant enough to allow one color to treat another color as somehow inferior? More importantly, why do we as a society allow this treatment to continue?

We need more leaders like Barack Obama to face this problem head on and deal with it. Hillary Clinton is such a leader. As a woman she understands prejudice from personal experience and will work tirelessly to rid our nation of this horrible affliction by treating everyone — be they black, brown, white, Hispanic, Asian, hetero sexual, homosexual, Christian, Muslim, man, woman — the same.

Make sure you vote to make sure this happens!

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Nancy Kaplan


Retired Professor of Human-Computer Interaction, news junky, progressive