LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country that is experiencing one of the craziest presidential races in U.S. history. One candidate has impeccable credentials and hands on international experience. The other one is an ex-reality T.V. show host. Should be a no brainer, right? Yet a recent poll actually showed Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton in the national race.

A major reason for such crazy results is that the Republican party is more or less united behind Trump, and the Democratic party is split between Bernie Sanders and Hillary. Bernie fought the good fight and generated remarkable enthusiasm, but he will not be the nominee. It is over for him. It is time for Bernie to show everyone that he is in fact a real Democrat, and not just an opportunist trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. He needs to step aside and unite the party. He needs to use his enormous fund raising skills to assist fellow Democrats down the ticket to get us control of both houses and the presidency. That would make him a true legend. That is what a real Democrat would do. That is what a true legend would do.

We are on the cusp of a cultural and social revolution that can change the way multiple future generations live their lives. Lyndon Johnson was given such an opportunity and he was able to pass more social legislation than any president in history. We have the potential with a long term liberal agenda to have health care for all, equal rights and equal pay for all, a minimum wage that is a living wage, free education for all. Bernie has it in his power to make that dream a reality by doing the right thing. He also has it in his power to crush it by refusing to accept reality. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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Nancy Kaplan


Retired Professor of Human-Computer Interaction, news junky, progressive