LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country where Republicans are going bat shit crazy over problems that do not exist. The instances of voter impersonation are extremely rare. Illegal aliens are concerned with staying under the radar. They are not about to register to vote and draw attention to themselves. Most of the few actual instances of voter impersonation have involved Republicans voting multiple times. Yet conservative states are rushing to initiate Voter I.D. Laws to prevent the illegal hoard from contaminating our election process…them and poor Democrats who should not be eligible to vote anyway according to most Republicans.

Then there is the fiasco about drug testing food stamp recipients and taking those who test positive off the rolls to save conservative states money. That ill conceived plan has turned out to be a financial burden since the money saved from denying food stamps to those testing positive is less than 1% of the cost of those tests.

The GOP specializes in solutions looking for a problem to solve. Hence the great “Transgender Bathroom Threat”. Kudos to Target for realizing it is a bullshit threat and not bending to the outrage of the Christian far right. Many states are not so well informed and are reacting poorly to this manufactured, bigoted hysteria by enacting insane bathroom laws reminiscent of the days of “Whites Only” and “Back of the Bus.” I know the GOP hates math, but in this case it is impossible to avoid. Of the 300 Million people living in the United States, 700,000 are transgender. Your chances of even seeing a transgender person in your local public bathroom is 0.002333333333333% and the chances of that person being a sexual predator are really small!

It is time to get rid of these narrow minded, poorly informed Republican politicians and replace them with Democrats who actually want to make things better for everyone and not just the 1%.

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Nancy Kaplan


Retired Professor of Human-Computer Interaction, news junky, progressive