LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country that has the most screwed up political system in the entire world.

Our elected officials in Washington actually spend more time raising money for their next campaign than they do on the business of running our government. For real! While on our dime these guys sit in a small cubicle day after day outside the halls of Congress, since it is illegal for them to solicit money from the halls of Congress, personally calling a list of donors to raise money for their next campaign. They even have it broken down to the amount of donations they need each day, not counting “contributions” from the various lobbyists, just so they can come back to Washington and do the same thing year after year.

No wonder we can’t pass a jobs bill. No wonder we can’t pass a budget. No wonder we can’t pass a comprehensive immigration bill. No wonder we can’t fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court. These fuckers are too busy raising money for their next campaign to actually do the work we elected them to do. What bullshit 

This is exactly why term limits are crucial to saving our government. Let all of our “Professional Politicians” know from the start that being a lawmaker is a temporary career move, and NOT a lifetime job. It is a chance to serve, not unlike being in the military. Make them be judged by the legislation they pass and not by how much money they can beg, borrow or steal in order to get re-elected 

If we eliminate the overly generous pensions and lifetime health benefits our legislators have voted for themselves, being a “Professional Politician” would not be nearly so appealing. If they have to depend on Medicare and Social Security like the rest of us, those programs would undoubtedly see dramatic improvements for all of us.

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