LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country where the smell of money is overpowering in Washington, D.C. A certain group of politicians are literally drooling at what is on the table. Of course I am referring to the Republicans who seem incapable of breathing without “Troops on the Ground” somewhere. Their zeal is of course fueled by the suitcases full of cash the Military Industrial Complex is pledging for a declaration of war. President Obama is trying to keep us out of yet another endless war while improving the economy, health care and our very basic human rights. The Republicans desperately want another war but want nothing to do with improving the economy or helping the veterans of the wars they can’t seem to live without. We do not need to put our soldiers in harm’s way to satisfy the corporate and political greed that permeates the GOP and their enablers. We now have the weaponry that allows remote control and greatly reduces the need for the proverbial “Troops on the Ground”. The Military Industrial Complex killed the goose that laid the golden egg with technology. How many nails in the coffin of Citizens United does it take to remove money from our political system?


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Robert Hansen


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