Senator Johnson calls for "more dramatic" tax plan 
Republican proposals already called "irresponsible"

Republican presidential candidates startled Americans this week by putting their radical and dangerous tax plans on display in Milwaukee. But for out-of-touch Senator Ron Johnson, none of these tax plans go far enough. 

When asked this week if he favors any of the Republican presidential candidate's tax plans, Senator Johnson responded that he wants a "more dramatic" plan. 

Johnson's comments ignore headlines like these: 
"Ted Cruz's tax plan is the most irresponsible Republican tax cut yet" -- 

"Marco Rubio’s tax plan gives a huge gift to the top 0.0003 percent" -- The Washington Post 

"How Insane Are Republicans’ Tax Plans? Just Look at These Charts" -- Slate 

"GOP hopefuls spout iffy economics: Our view" -- USA Today 

"Senator Ron Johnson is so out-of-touch he's calling for more a dramatic tax plan when current extreme proposals would eliminate tax cuts for middle class families, hand over billions to the wealthiest Americans and potentially put the future of Social Security and Medicare at risk," said Martha Laning, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. 

On the campaign trail Senator Johnson has regularly shown disdain for working middle-class Wisconsin families by calling for Social Security to be privatized, promoting reckless free trade agreements that kills Wisconsin jobs and advocating for an elimination of the federal minimum wage. 

Senator Johnson's comments were made on Charlie Sykes' radio show, Monday, November 9: 

"[00:06:33.07] SYKES: Do you like what you're hearing so far because I mean Jeb Bush is out with a big tax plan, Marco Rubio's got a tax plan, Ted Cruz has a tax plan? Any of those that, that stand out in your mind? 

[00:06:41.00] JOHNSON: From my standpoint I want more dramatic tax simplification. You know, I want to see a tax plan that has two principles. Raise the revenue you need. Do no economic harm and I'm afraid what I'm seeing is people are taking a look at our very complex tax system and they're just, kind of, changing the different components of it. Now, I've been there for five years and you hear this. Lower the rates, broaden the base. The problem is everybody is all for lowering their rates and broadening everybody else's base but just don't address, don't do away with LIFO or home mortgage deduction or health care deduction or I mean. So everybody is going to be in there with their vested interest deduction. I need, I think you need completely scrapping of the tax code and you have to stand up something very simple. One way to do it, by the way, is give people the choice, you know, if you like complying with 70,000 pages, be my guest or you comply with this incredibly simple tax system that doesn't raise the revenue we need and doesn't do any economic harm. [00:07:33.19] We have to stop trying to socially and economically engineer through the tax code. We do a terrible, terrible job of this. So quite honestly I'm looking for a far simpler tax system than anything I'm hearing out of any of the candidates right now."

Robert Hansen


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