Nominate Some Worthy People and Organizations for Our Annual Awards

We are soliciting nominations in six categories:

Lifetime of Service
Democrat of the Year
Elected Official
Rising Star
Activist of the Year
Organization of the Year

Nominations will close at midnight on Sunday, January 24. You can submit your choices by taking our survey or by emailing the Events Chair, Karen Kirsch.



Please help us to make sure that every eligible voter is able to cast their ballot. The #1 reason voters give up on voting is if there are too few poll workers to keep the line moving swiftly. With your help, we can make sure that every vote gets counted.

Every two years the Milwaukee County Democratic Party has the opportunity to nominate individuals to be poll workers on election day. Anyone eligible to vote can be a poll worker - AND GET PAID DOING IT. Due to new laws, anyone living in Milwaukee County can be a poll worker for the City of Milwaukee. Sign up today and protect the vote for the next 2 years.

To apply, simply fill out this form and submit.  It's that easy.


Tickets to the Democratic Debate: We DON'T have them!!

It's wonderful that the debate hosted by PBS will be held in Milwaukee on Thursday, February 11, at 8 PM in the Helen Bader Concert Hall in the Helene Zelazo Center for Performing Arts on the UWM campus. However, the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County DOES NOT HAVE ANY INFORMATION ABOUT TICKETS. Please inquire at!


Make Sure You Are Ready to Vote

Now is the time to get ready to vote. If you have not voted in Wisconsin before, or if your registration has lapsed, you will need to register. If you have a Wisconsin driver’s license or state ID card, you will have to provide that number. You will also need proof of residence. To learn more, contact your municipal clerk or go to the Wisconsin voter information website at

Under the new photo Wisconsin Photo ID law you will need either Wisconsin driver's licenses, state-issued ID cards, military IDs, passports, tribal IDs, naturalization certificates or college IDs in order to cast a ballot.

Be sure that everyone you know has the proper photo ID and remembers to take that ID with them to the polls. We want to make sure everyone can exercise their right to vote.