February 24, 2016
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Meet the Republican Candidate for Mayor,

MILWAUKEE — Last Tuesday evening, the Wisconsin Republican Party got its perfect candidate for Mayor of Milwaukee. Someone with Scott Walker’s ideas and Donald Trump’s erratic behavior. Bob Donovan.

Donovan is a lifelong conservative who has spent nearly two decades on the Common Council. Clearly, he’s not a breath of fresh air. The only two times that Donovan ran in a partisan election, he ran as a Republican. He's been praised by Republican Party officials, who say Republican donors are surely drawn to Donovan. In 2013, Donovan invited Republican leaders from the Wisconsin legislature to his district, where they attacked Mayor Tom Barrett and defended the actions of Madison Republicans against the city of Milwaukee.

Donovan has been described by many of his colleagues as nothing more than an attention seeker with little ability to get things done. The late Councilman Joe Dudzik once said, “While (Donovan) is riding around on his white pony, spouting off about this and that, he is largely ineffective and lame when it comes to working collaboratively with other council members.“

Instead of actually helping to make Milwaukee a safer place to live, Donovan has voted against increasing law enforcement officers four times in recent years.  That hasn’t stopped the rabble rousing Donovan from making a career of grandstanding on public safety issues.  Meanwhile his district has seen the largest percentage increase in crime than any other district in the city.  In fact the increase is so significant that it was twice as high as the next worse district.  Maybe instead of talking loud on crime in our city, he should be working with his colleagues to actually fight to reduce crime in our city.

But Bob Donovan does have his fans. They just happen to be Republicans. Wisconsin Republican Party officials have called Donovan “a good advocate for the city.” Really? Maybe his Donald Trump-like behavior appeals to Republican voters, and his policies appeal to Gov. Scott Walker, but in these tough times, Milwaukee can’t afford Bob Donovan’s dangerous divisiveness that would only steer the city in the wrong direction.

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Nancy Kaplan


Retired Professor of Human-Computer Interaction, news junky, progressive