Statement: Senator Johnson's vote on bipartisan budget deal 
MIDDLETON -- Russ for Wisconsin campaign manager Tom Russell released the following statement following Senator Ron Johnson's vote against the bipartisan budget deal approved by the Senate early this morning: 

"With his vote against the bipartisan budget deal, Sen. Ron Johnson made it clear he supports the Washington gridlock as he continues to be part of the problem in Congress. Instead of supporting a bipartisan budget deal with 18 of his fellow Republican senators that allows the government to maintain its basic functions, Senator Johnson chose to cast his vote to continue crisis-to-crisis budgeting and Washington partisan games. In his first vote the day after Paul Ryan became speaker, Senator Johnson couldn't even agree with Ryan, who supported this deal.  

"While the measure contains far too much defense spending without proper offsets and not enough of a focus on making corporations pay their fair share, at least the 2 year budget time frame should provide an opportunity for these and other important issues to be addressed. There is much more work to be done solving real issues like the eroding economic security of the middle class and stopping irresponsible spending for corporate special interests that leaves working families holding the bag. But with Senator Johnson playing extreme partisan games and trying to block any chance to address these issues, it will continue to be a difficult road ahead."


Robert Hansen


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