DNC: Instagram video ad buy

“Vote Families First”
Highlights Hard Working Americans Mobilizing to Call on Paul Ryan to Support Paid Family Leave 

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Democratic National Committee is launching an innovative digital advertisement in Paul Ryan’s home district using Instagram video to reach the families who are closest to the Congressman and in the best position to quickly call on him to treat all American families with the same respect he demands for his own. The ad, titled “Vote Families First,” highlights Ryan’s words and points out that “family is important for millions of Americans” and yet Ryan and the leading Republican presidential candidates oppose ensuring paid family leave. The groundbreaking online video ad reaches Paul Ryan’s constituents when they’re engaged and actively using their smartphones, which allows them to immediately click through to sign a petition. Tens of thousands of constituents will be engaged through these advertising impressions. 

The ad comes as the House prepares to elect a new Speaker and as Republican presidential candidates get set to explain their economic positions at a CNBC-hosted debate in Boulder, Colorado. 

Ryan told House colleagues last week that as a condition for running for Speaker, “I cannot and will not give up my family time.” Ryan and the House Republican leadership have consistently opposed bills and proposals to ensure paid family leave for all American families, and every Republican presidential candidate also stands in opposition. 

“If Paul Ryan thinks family time is important for himself, he should support paid family leave for every family, and Republican presidential candidates should answer whether or not they think all hard-working Americans should be able to enjoy the same luxury as their new Speaker,” said DNC Communications Director Luis Miranda. “Their priorities are wrong and the last time they were in control of the presidency, we were losing 750,000 jobs a month.” 

Families in Paul Ryan’s home district also mobilized yesterday to make clear that he should bring paid family leave to a vote in his first act as Speaker. At the same time, in advance of tomorrow’s GOP presidential debate in Boulder, Colorado, Representative Diana DeGette penned an op-ed published in the Denver Post calling on Ryan and his Republican colleagues to do the right thing and support ensuring paid family leave. Representative Degette also teamed up with Representatives Jared Polis and Ed Perlmutter to hold a conference call yesterday to discuss all the outdated policies that Americans should expect to hear from the 2016 GOPers at their debate, that also work against the best interests of American families.

Robert Hansen


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