Dear DNC Member,

It’s been another busy week for the disaster that is the Trump campaign, beginning with the firing of Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski. DNC National Press Secretary Mark Paustenbach noted in a statement that “[Monday]’s shuffling of staff does nothing to make up for Trump’s divisive and racist comments and policies.” The incident does, however, highlight that there is no one Trump won’t throw overboard for his own personal benefit, just as he’s done his entire life. Trump clearly only cares about enriching himself at the expense of hardworking Americans.  The Wall Street Journal published an analysis from Moody’s Analytics on Monday, in which they uncover the disastrous consequences that Trump’s economic plan would have for working families, including a prolonged recession and heavy job losses. In a statement, DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz proclaimed the analysis as “just the latest evidence that when Donald Trump wins, everyone else loses.”

The problem, however, is hardy limited to Donald Trump. The Republican Party, too, continues to fail the American people, as Party leaders remain unwilling to address gun violence in light of the recent tragedy in Orlando. This week, Democrats from both houses of Congress staged actions to protest the Republicans’ refusal to take steps to reduce gun violence. On Monday, Senate Democrats filibustered for 15 hours to try to bring the Senate to a vote, and on Wednesday, House Democrats conducted an unprecedented 26-hour sit-in on the House floor. “Democrats believe our nation is stronger when we work together,” said DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz in a statement on Thursday, “We must elect more Democrats to the House and Senate, and a Democrat as our next president to end the obstruction, end the silence and stand up for 90% of Americans who agree that someone who isn’t allowed to fly because they’re on a terror watch list should not be able to buy guns, assault weapons and explosives.”

Finally, despite an attempt by conservatives to challenge Affirmative Action protections, the Supreme Court reaffirmed on Thursday that diversity is a crucial factor that can be considered in the college admissions process. The ruling was heralded by the Chairs of the DNC’s Hispanic, AAPI, and American-American Caucuses, who said in a statement that “when people of all backgrounds have the opportunity to succeed, America succeeds.” Although the ruling represents an important victory for the forces of equality, it also highlights the continuing vacancy on the Supreme Court as Republicans refuse to complete their basic Constitutional duties. With every week, it becomes clearer that Democrats are the clear choice to lead our country into the future.

Have a safe and happy weekend,

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake
Democratic National Committee

Nancy Kaplan


Retired Professor of Human-Computer Interaction, news junky, progressive