On December 11th, Senator Ron Johnson's out-of-touch priorities could force another disastrous shutdown of the federal government. Congress must pass either appropriations bills or a continuing resolution by next Friday to avert a repeat of the irresponsible and reckless 2013 shutdown.

The deadline for congressional action to avert a government shutdown is Friday, December 11th, 2015. 

What can happen:

-The House of Representatives can fail to pass legislation: The Republican-controlled House required the resignation of the Speaker of the House to avert sending the federal government into default last month.
-Senators running for president could attempt to shut down the government: Senators Ted Cruz (R - TX), Marco Rubio (R - FL), Rand Paul (R - KY) and Lindsay Graham (R - SC), will all have opportunities to raise their standing among Tea Party activists by stalling must-pass legislation.
-The Senate could pass poisonous legislation: The Republican-controlled Senate could pass legislation with Senator Johnson's priorities such as defunding Planned Parenthood or repealing the Affordable Care Act.

Robert Hansen


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