Last Sunday’s Democratic debate in South Carolina was a tremendous success.  It was the most-watched broadcast Democratic primary debate of the 2016 campaign with 10.2 million viewers.

Unlike the GOP’s Trumpian food fights, our candidates showed that you can, in fact, have a lively discussion about movingAmerica forward and keeping Americans safe without insulting your opponents or large groups of Americans. Click here to see what the media had to say about our most recent Presidential debate.

President Obama returned to Michigan this week, where American auto makers have been posting records sales. This success was aided by President Obama’s courageous decision to rescue the auto industry in the face of significant political opposition. Still, Republicans believe that the government should have let Detroit go bankrupt. Our Factivists can tell you all about where the Republicans stand.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the governing body of the United Kingdom held a debate this week on whether to bar Donald Trump from the country. We’re not kidding. This debate took place the same week as Donald Trump was endorsed by Sarah Palin, the Republican Party’s failed 2008 Vice Presidential nominee. This is the 2016 Republican Party, and as you’ll probably agree, Americans deserve better than what Trump and Palin have to offer.

On the campaign trail, Ted Cruz peddled a story that he and his family were without health insurance because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Senator Cruz has guaranteed health care as a Senator, and if his family doesn’t have health insurance it’s because he chose to opt out to make a political point. DNC Spokesman Eric Walker said “the fact that Ted Cruz would use his own irresponsible decision as an excuse to take affordable health care away from 19 million Americans is despicable.” You can read more on Cruz’s misleading Obamacare sob story here.

As for Governor Chris Christie, well, believe it or not, he’ll actually be spending some time in his home state this weekend. Not because he wants to, of course. The fact of the matter is that he was originally scheduled to keep on campaigning in New Hampshire, and that he only changed his schedule after facing lots of criticism.

Finally, click here to read a report from our Communications team, “This Week On the Campaign Trail”.

Have a safe and happy weekend.

Robert Hansen


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