Want to know what policies Democrats support? Just have a look at the newly unveiled Badger Blueprint outlining the Senate Democrats; agenda for the next legislative session that begins in January 2016. While GOP legislators have been busy shielding their activities from the public and exempting themselves from John Doe investigations, Democrats have been looking toward the future, listening to people throughout Wisconsin and advancing solutions to improve the lives of hardworking families in every community across our state.

The Blueprint lays out specific proposals in three major areas:

  • Growth
    • Senate Democrats understand that the best way to move Wisconsin forward is by growing the middle class and expanding economic security.
    • From early childhood to technical training and college – ensuring educational opportunities for all Wisconsin residents will boost our long-term ability to compete and succeed in the modern day, global market.
  • Innovation
    • For Wisconsin to be competitive in today’s global economy, we need a modern and well-maintained infrastructure.
    • From our roads and bridges, to our water treatment and sewer systems, to our broadband and rail networks – it’s time to reinvest in Wisconsin’s infrastructure to encourage business growth, foster workforce opportunities and attract private investments
  • Opportunity
    • Too many Wisconsinites are being held back by a system that has been designed by special interests to give the wealthy and big businesses a greater advantage over hardworking families.
    • Through targeted middle class tax relief and improved workplace flexibility for Wisconsin families, we can restore fairness in our state, increase economic opportunities and strengthen our communities.

Let them know you like what you see and share your ideas on their website:

Download the complete document.

Nancy Kaplan


Retired Professor of Human-Computer Interaction, news junky, progressive