February 22, 2017
Robert Hansen, Chair

Condemning Anti-Semitic Threats and Compelling Action

The Democratic Party of Milwaukee County strongly condemns the most recent bomb threat on Milwaukee’s Jewish Community Center. This was the second such threat received in just three weeks, just one part of a huge surge in threats to Jewish community centers, synagogues and other places of worship and community.Though primarily geared toward Jewish families, nearly every location targeted also serves as a gathering place or recreation space for non-Jewish community members.

The Democratic Party of Milwaukee County calls on local, state and national leaders to condemn and thoroughly investigate each of these threats and prosecute the offenders to the fullest extent of the law.  To date, President Trump has declined all public opportunity to denounce the renewed wave of anti-Semitism that has affected Jewish community institutions. He has also declined to comment on the dramatic rise in on-campus graffiti or other threats targeting Jewish students and students of color.
Robert Hansen


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