This week, we present to you the Week in Politics from our Communications Department. The U.S. economy added 268,000 private sector job thanks to Democratic leadership, and our candidates continued to focus on issues that affect the lives of working families. Meanwhile the Republican Presidential field continued to focus on the same failed policies of the past.

Check out the Week in Politics report below for more stories and key talking points on the week’s events.



All told, as this week winds to a close, Democrats showed why we’re on the side of hardworking Americans and the middle class, while Republicans continued to prove they can’t be trusted. 

Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the U.S. economy under Democratic leadership added another 268,000 private-sector jobs during the month of October, that wages grew this month at the fastest pace since 2009, and that the unemployment rate fell to an even 5 percent. People took notice of this strong jobs report, particularly that it marks a record breaking 68 straight months of private-sector job growth, and so, you can find some of their positive reactions here. It goes without saying that all this is a stark contrast to the end of the last Republican presidency, when we were losing 800,000 jobs a month.

It gets better. Later tonight, our Democratic candidates will be taking the stage at MSNBC’s First in the South Forum in South Carolina -- and what should you expect to hear from them? Unlike the Republican candidates for president who have only proposed to go back to the same policies in place when the great recession started, our candidates will be having a substantive conversation about their visions to move our country forward, how to strengthen the middle class, and how to tackle important issues like climate change, fixing the broken immigration system, and making college more affordable to expand opportunities for more Americans. Make sure to tune into MSNBC tonight at 8 pm ET!

There were some tough elections this week, but there were plenty of good success stories for the Democratic Party and our candidates at the state and local levels. Our Political Director breaks down the victories, including important changes in Pennsylvania and Ohio that will affect redistricting so that the right to vote of every American is protected. You can read that memo here as well as DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s statement on the elections here. This coming Sunday will mark one year until Election Day 2016, and we also took time to reflect on where the Republican Party stands on what it once described as the major problem it had of talking to itself. Well not much has changed, as you can see here

As for Republican presidential candidates…well we’re going to keep holding them accountable:

2016 Republican Presidential Candidates

Marco Rubio

It goes without saying that Senator Marco Rubio had the worst week of all the 2016 GOPers. He got called out for his shadypersonal finances; for saying “we’re not going to pass comprehensive immigration reform in this country” andmaking clear that he would end President Obama’s executive action to keep families together regardless of whether or not Congress passes comprehensive immigration reform; and last but not least, for falsely claiming that he barely got asked questions abouteconomic issues like taxes during last week’s debate (of course, it’s understandable why Rubio would want to forget those moments from the debate. He’s been hit by the left and the right for lying about his plans that would give the wealthiest a huge tax cut, explode the deficit, and shift the burden of balancing the budget onto middle-class and working families). All in all, this week highlighted that Rubio is just following the rest of the GOP’s playbook and that his ideas are outdated and out of touch.

John Kasich

For his part, John Kasich just keeps on making offensive comments towards women. This week, during a town hall in Iowa, he asked a woman “have you ever been on a diet?” As The Huffington Post’s  Amber Ferguson eloquently put it, “good luck with the female electorate.”

Donald Trump

This week, Donald Trump released radio ads that made one thing perfectly clear: a Trump presidency would be a bad investment for America and the middle class. The ads continue the Republican approach of minimizing the major issues confronting the American people to reality television-style grade-school rhetoric. Read DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s response to the ads here


Chris Christie and GOP on Drug Addiction v. Reality


Christie and the rest of the GOP presidential field like to talk the talk when it comes to dealing with the drug addiction epidemic in our country, but their actions wouldn’t help fix the problems we face. In fact, they would only make the situation worse. Read more about this here


Important Polls

The GOP Field


According to a CNN, ORC poll released this morning, Donald Trump is leading the Republican field with 25 percent of the vote, followed by Ben Carson, who is polling at 23 percent.

Climate Change

According to a recent Pew Research Center poll of respondents in 40 nations, 68 percent of Democrats in the U.S. consider global climate change to be a very serious problem, compared with only 20 percent of Republicans. Globally, a majority of those polled in all 40 countries call climate change a serious problem.

Same-sex marriage


According to a recent Gallup poll, more same-sex couples now report being married (45 percent) than did so before the Supreme Court’s Obergefell v. Hodges decision (38 percent). The percentage has increased in states where same sex marriage had been legal and in states where it had been illegal.

What people are writing in the states

  • On Wednesday, Washington State Democrats Chair Jaxon Ravens released the following statement after it was reported two Latino candidates were declared the winners in Yakima City Council races, and a third candidate was leading, “It's a great day. A Latino will sit on the city council for the first time in Yakima's history. Congratulations to Dulce Gutierrez and Avina Gutierrez on their amazing victories. Largely due to the Voting Rights Act, a community that had been disenfranchised will now have a voice in their local government. That's progress, but we are not done.” Read more here.


  • On Thursday, New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Lizzy Price released the following statement in response to Kasich’s offensive comments towards women: “New Hampshire has a long tradition of strong, powerful women taking leadership roles and if John Kasich thinks he can succeed in the Granite State by talking down to women, he’d better think again. But what’s more offensive are his policies toward women that match the rest of the GOP field who won’t fight for paid leave or equal pay and want to limit women’s health care choices.” Read more here


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