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DWA Weekly Message and Clips
Week of September 21, 2015
A path to citizenship? Not on Rubio’s timeline.
So much for once supporting comprehensive immigration reform. On Monday night, Rubio effectively ruled out a path to citizenship during a Rubio presidency, making clear that he’s more concerned about keeping the Tea Party base happy than about doing what’s right.
People are noticing. Read what they’re saying below.
Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio has effectively ruled out granting lawful permanent residency to undocumented immigrants if he makes it to the White House, even for a second term.
Pressed by conservative host Sean Hannity during a Monday night interview on Fox News, the Florida senator said he’s open to a path to citizenship for people in the U.S. illegally, but only a decade or more after passage of bills to secure the border and modernize the legal immigration system.
Rubio’s comments make explicit the demanding bargain that many in his party are driving. While other Republicans who have taken the secure-the-border-first stance have talked vaguely about taking up the plight of the estimated 11 million people living here illegally sometime after that occurs, the Florida senator is being much more clear about what his plan would mean for them. It means he wants to wait at least a decade after other measures are taken before adopting a legalization program. That’s longer than Rubio, who aspires to be the first Hispanic occupant of the White House, would constitutionally have to be president.
This week, the far-right Floridian’s transformation on immigration policy reached its end point.
The GOP senator specifically told the Fox News host that after officials “stop illegal immigration” and “modernize” the system, “then ultimately in 10 or 12 years you could have a broader debate about how has this worked out and should we allow some of them to apply for green cards and eventually citizenship.”
Now he is promising to oppose a path to citizenship any time over the next decade, even if he manages to secure the border first.
Ten to 12 years means Rubio is ruling out a path to citizenship even if he wins a second term in office.
He’s completely abandoned his support for comprehensive reform and now subscribes to the much more conservative-friendly position that the border must be thoroughly and completely secured before any talk of further reforms can start.
Quite a profile in courage we’re seeing here.
Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., a presidential candidate and son of Cuban immigrants, ruled out a pathway to legalization and citizenship for undocumented immigrants during his presidency.
Democrats said Rubio’s stance would have immigrants stay as second-class people.
“Rubio’s embrace of an enforcement-only approach and putting off even debating the 11 million immigrants and their families means one thing: He opposes relief for immigrants who will be relegated to second-class status if he has his way,” said Democratic National Committee Hispanic Media Director Pablo Manriquez. “If elected, Rubio guarantees immigrants zero results and an agenda that is stuck in the past with no hope for the future.”
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