Our Mission

Freedom, equity, security, peace and prosperity throughout the world; these are our high aims. To achieve these aims, we seek to promote and to preserve liberal democratic government everywhere -- abroad, in America, in Wisconsin. To promote and to preserve liberal government, we seek to build and to develop a liberal Democratic Party.

A political party is a means to an end. Means shape ends. To be a force for democracy, a political party must be a democracy. Its members must have equal voice, one with another. Its leaders must be freely chosen by its members and must answer to them. Its program must arise from the free and full competition of ideas among its members. 

Our goal is to build a strong Democratic Party in our County, for the purpose of electing Democratic candidates to offices at all levels.

  • We provide a forum for the exchange of ideas among Democrats
  • We follow and support political issues of importance to Democrats
  • We recruit and train volunteers at the grassroots level
  • We register voters, to increase the number of Democrats in our County
  • We talk to voters on the phones and at the doors to persuade them to vote for Democratic candidates and support Democratic issues
  • We raise money for the Party and for Democratic candidates
  • We identify and support new leaders in the Democratic Party
  • We represent local Democrats in the Party at the State and National Level
  • And we supervise all Democratic Party matters throughout the County.

The Democratic Party of Milwaukee County is focused on empowering citizens with the tools they need to join their friends and neighbors in creating an accountable government, and electing leaders that they believe in. Are you in? We’re ready to win, but we can’t do it without your help.


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