The clearest message from last night’s GOP debate was that the Republican Party is stuck with what it created after years of pandering to extremists. They are stuck with a field of candidates with views far out of the mainstream and out of touch with the American people.

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Here are the Actual Facts about Super Delegates

Selecting a party’s nominee for president is a complicated process — believe me, I know. It’s my job to manage the delegate selection process for the Democratic National Convention. I work with state Democratic parties across the country to explain exactly how the process works and to ensure it is conducted openly and fairly so every Democrat can make their voice heard.


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This Thursday’s Democratic Presidential debate was a serious and substantive debate worthy of the American people. At every debate both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have discussed their ideas for leveling the playing field to give all Americans a fair shot, and even when they disagreed, it was about how to best serve the American people.

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Democratic Weekly Radio Address: "Higher Ed, Lower Debt"

Rep. Cory Mason (D-Racine) offers the Democratic Weekly Radio Address. The topic this week is the student debt crisis in Wisconsin, with Democrats proposing real relief in the form of the "Higher Ed, Lower Debt" bill.

WI Citizens Say Public Schools Are Not Getting Enough Support

Marquette Poll: 57% Say Public Schools Don't Get Enough State Support

There were several K-12 education questions asked in the most recent Marquette Law School Poll released on Thursday (Jan. 28). From the @MULawPoll twitter feed:

On the issue of school funding:

Education funding: 57% say local schools are receiving too little funding from state. #mulawpoll

— MULawPoll (@MULawPoll) January 28, 2016

On the issue of school referenda:

How would you react if your school board held referendum to increase spending? 55% inclined to vote yes, 35% inclined to vote no. #mulawpoll

— MULawPoll (@MULawPoll) January 28, 2016

On the issue of concealed carry of firearms on school grounds:

Do you favor allowing concealed-carry permit holders to have guns on school grounds? 31% favor, 65% oppose. #mulawpoll

— MULawPoll (@MULawPoll) January 28, 2016

Martha Laning Named Member of the Week

At its January meeting, the Association of State Democratic Parties named Wisconsin Party Chair Martha Laning "Member of the Week." Here's what they had to say about her:

Martha Laning is the Chairwoman of the Wisconsin Democratic Party. She has spent her life bringing people together to solve problems and build strong neighborhoods. She has organized parents and community leaders to make vital improvements to schools, raised millions to build an intergenerational community center in Plymouth, and proven that people from different backgrounds can work together to overcome any challenge. Born and raised in a middle class family in rural Central Wisconsin, her parents instilled in her early on the values of education, hard work, and the importance of giving back through volunteering.  After high school, She got a degree in Business and Accounting from the University of Wisconsin-Madison while working at the local paper mill in summers to pay for her education. After moving to the Sheboygan area, she took a job with the Plymouth Intergenerational Coalition to help get their new project off the ground. When the economy collapsed, many believed the project would fall apart – but she persevered. She brought together business and community leaders to raise $4.6 million for the project, which was completed in May 2011. The building now serves as a community center bringing seniors and children together, and this collaborative effort has been labeled a model for the State of Wisconsin. In the fall of 2014, Martha ran for the Wisconsin State Senate because of my deep concern for the direction our state was headed.  She ran for the Chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party because she knew that progressive values are what will bring back our strong, fair Wisconsin.

The ASDC also runs a "Leaderboard" tracking Facebook Likes and related data. We can be proud that the Wisconsin Democratic Party Facebook page came in 4th in the total number of Likes: 42,841.


Communications Update for January 23rd, 2016

Last Sunday’s Democratic debate in South Carolina was a tremendous success.  It was the most-watched broadcast Democratic primary debate of the 2016 campaign with 10.2 million viewers.

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Communications Update for January 16th, 2016

On Tuesday, President Obama gave his final State of the Union address, and he was praised across the country for delivering ahopeful and optimistic message – one that focused not only on the progress that has been made, but also on the progress that can be made in the years to come. This, of course, stands in stark contrast to the doom and gloom that we’ve been hearing from the Republican presidential candidates, and that we also heard at last night’s Republican debate.

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Black women vow to be a powerful voting force


Don't miss this great story in the Washington Post: Black women vow to be a powerful voting force again this year by Vanessa Williams. Here are the first few paragraphs, but you really should read the whole thing.

Jamia Wilson is supremely proud of this fact: In 2008 and 2012, black women voted at a higher rate than any other group. Four years ago, 74 percent of eligible black women went to the polls — and 96 percent voted for President Obama.

Some pollsters and pundits are betting against a three-peat of that level of turnout in this year’s election because Obama, whose historic campaign and presidency electrified black voters like never before, will not be on the ballot. Wilson and other black women active in politics are determined to prove them wrong.

But they aren’t looking to the political candidates for inspiration. In interviews, they said the motivation to head to the ballot box will come from the energy generated by efforts to confront racism and other forms of economic and social inequality. The Black Lives Matter movement (which was launched by women), the campaign for higher wages in low-paying industries dominated by women of color and various online spaces in which women are sharing information and opinions all feature black women organizing, motivating and fighting to retain their political influence.

Here's the data:


Weekly Address: Merry Christmas from the President and First Lady

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