Condemning Anti-Semitic Threats and Compelling Action

February 22, 2017
Robert Hansen, Chair

Condemning Anti-Semitic Threats and Compelling Action

The Democratic Party of Milwaukee County strongly condemns the most recent bomb threat on Milwaukee’s Jewish Community Center. This was the second such threat received in just three weeks, just one part of a huge surge in threats to Jewish community centers, synagogues and other places of worship and community.Though primarily geared toward Jewish families, nearly every location targeted also serves as a gathering place or recreation space for non-Jewish community members.

The Democratic Party of Milwaukee County calls on local, state and national leaders to condemn and thoroughly investigate each of these threats and prosecute the offenders to the fullest extent of the law.  To date, President Trump has declined all public opportunity to denounce the renewed wave of anti-Semitism that has affected Jewish community institutions. He has also declined to comment on the dramatic rise in on-campus graffiti or other threats targeting Jewish students and students of color.

Meet the Republican Candidate for Mayor, BOB DONOVAN

MILWAUKEE —  Last Tuesday evening, the Wisconsin Republican Party got its perfect candidate for Mayor of Milwaukee. Someone with Scott Walker’s ideas and Donald Trump’s erratic behavior. Bob Donovan.

Donovan is a lifelong conservative who has spent nearly two decades on the Common Council. Clearly, he’s not a breath of fresh air. The only two times that Donovan ran in a partisan election, he ran as a Republican. He's been praised by Republican Party officials, who say Republican donors are surely drawn to Donovan. In 2013, he invited Republican leaders from the Wisconsin legislature to his district, where they attacked Mayor Tom Barrett and defended the actions of Madison Republicans against the city of Milwaukee.

Donovan has been described by many of his colleagues as nothing more than an attention seeker with little ability to get things done. The late Councilman Joe Dudzik once said, “While (Donovan) is riding around on his white pony, spouting off about this and that, he is largely ineffective and lame when it comes to working collaboratively with other council members.“

The rabble-rousing Donovan has made a career of grandstanding on public safety issues. Yet in recent years Donovan voted against increasing the number of law enforcement officers four times. Meanwhile, his district has seen the largest percentage increase in crime of any district in the city. In fact, the increase is so significant that it was twice as high as the next worst district. Instead of talking loud about crime in our city, Donovan should be working with his colleagues to actually reduce crime in our city.

But Bob Donovan does have his fans. Wisconsin Republican Party officials have called Donovan “a good advocate for the city.” Really? Maybe his Donald Trump-like behavior appeals to Republican voters, and his policies appeal to Gov. Scott Walker. But in these tough times, Milwaukee can’t afford Bob Donovan’s dangerous divisiveness that would only steer the city in the wrong direction.



DPMC Elects New Officers For 2016-17

November 20, 2015
Robert Hansen

DPMC Elects New Officers for 2016

Leadership Team Will Work to Restore Values to Our State and Nation


MILWAUKEE –The members of the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County held their biennial election of officers at the Party’s monthly membership meeting on Monday, November 16. The meeting was held at J&B's Blue Ribbon Bar and Grill, 5230 W. Bluemound Road, Milwaukee.

The following members were elected to serve two-year terms:

Chair – Robert Hansen

Vice Chair – Arkesia Jackson

Recording Secretary – Nancy Penn

Corresponding Secretary – Nancy Kaplan

Membership Secretary – Solana Patterson-Ramos

Treasurer – Dawn Martin

“We have a lot at stake in the next couple years,” stated newly-elected Chair Robert Hansen. “Will we have governments that serve the people, or will we continue to be governed by those who serve in order to line their own pockets and fund their campaigns? The future of our state and our nation is one we must secure for future generations. One of justice. One of equality and freedom. One where we raise people up from poverty to ensure that our children and grandchildren can see the bright future that they deserve.

“It is up to every one of us to do the work that's necessary to ensure that our message resonates with voters, and that our candidates at all levels are successful in their efforts to win elected office. We must be successful in educating our friends and neighbors as to why our policies are the policies that allow us all to rise up together to enjoy a better life. We need to be aggressive in standing up for the issues that we all believe in.”

The members would like to thank the Party's outgoing officers –Marlene Ott, Mandela Barnes, Brandon Savage and Karen Kirsch– for their hand work and dedication over the past two years.

The Democratic Party of Milwaukee County is an all-volunteer organization, and serves as the local chapter of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Democrats value broad prosperity, mutual responsibility, effective government, a better future, and a stronger America. The DPMC meets at 7:00 p.m. on the third Monday of most months at Burke's Irish Castle, 5328 W. Bluemound Road, Milwaukee. The next meeting will be held Monday, January 18, 2016.

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