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Calls to Make & Serve Meals this June

Butterfly Park, Milwaukee, WI
According to the US Department of Agriculture, about 15.8 million American households (12.7% of all households) were food insecure in 2015. Without access to school-sponsored subsidized meal programs, these numbers skyrocket in the summer months.

To address food insecurity in Milwaukee County and support the health of community youth, this June, MKE Dems Care is supporting the Matilda Ward Youth Empowerment Association. Throughout the summer in Butterfly Park, this small non-profit provides meals for roughly 100 people, 3 days per week, while also providing activities for children during the day.

We need your help! To support this great organization and show what Democrats stand for, we are providing 3 full meals for the Matilda Ward Assoc. in June. Please complete this Google Form to share how you can help. Upon completion, we will reach out to confirm details. Alternatively, contact Peter Burress at, or 920-421- 3601 to with questions or to indicate how you would like to help.

We need more people to make and serve food on: Monday, June 12 / Wednesday, June 21 / Friday, June 30.

On Mondays and Fridays they provide a full meal including chicken or pasta, salad/greens, fruit, potatoes, dessert, and beverages. On Wednesdays they provide a lighter meal—something along the lines of hotdogs/brats, fruit, chips, and beverages. Those bringing food to share should plan to arrive by 4:30pm to Butterfly Park at 36th & Meinecke.

Please join the good people already signed up to bring, serve and enjoy a meal with our neighbors in Butterfly Park this summer. This is a great opportunity to work with fellow Democrats and support families and food justice in our city.

We appreciate your involvement!
Heather Ullsvik Loomans and Peter Burress
Milwaukee Dems Care

Bread of Healing


The BREAD of HEALING Clinic is our current MKE DEMS CARE featured org. This 17 year teaching clinic with 3 locations in Milwaukee provides a crucial safety net for thousands of people our community without health insurance.

A few points ABOUT what they provide:

"We work together to ensure that every person has access to the means to achieve health, recognizing that physical, emotional, social and spiritual health are intertwined and cannot be separated." 

  • Free, high-quality Medical, Dental, Vision, and Behavioral Health Care for people with chronic illnesses who do not have access to insurance;
  • An environment of Education, teaching how to best serve patients who most often experience disparities in care;
  • Support for understanding eligibility to health insurance;
  • Med Share program collaborates with other free clinics to increase access to medication and lower the costs.

How we can help support them:

GIFT OF GOODS— Milw Dems Care SUPPLY DRIVE between now and May 15th, watch for more info.

Free medication is a staple of the clinic. Examples of needed supplies:

Tylenol, Motrin/Advil, Calcium (600mg with D), Hydrocortisone cream, Benadryl (Caps), Claritin or Generic, Aspirin (Enteric Coated 35mg/81mg), Triple-Antibiotic Ointment-Type Cream, Anti Fungal Cream, Tums, Multivitamins (Centrum or Generic)

Other staples:

Toothpaste, Skin moisturizers, Hand Sanitizer, Band Aids, Gloves (Size Med or Large), Printer Paper (8 ½ X 11), Labels (1 X 2 5/8), Pens and Pencils, Gift Card to Office Supply Store (Office Max or Office Depot) to buy toner…

Drop-off at MKE Dems Office 2999 S. Delaware in Bayview Saturday April 29th from 11:00am to 3:00pm or during regular office hours, Monday through Thursday from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Or on Tuesday May 2nd from 6:00pm to 7:00pm.

VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME — Lend your talents at one of the Bread of Healing Clinic’s 3 locations. Please call 414-977-0001.

MAKE A DONATION — Secure online donations to Bread of Healing can be made through PayPal. *Please note you're contributing as part of MKE Dems Care.*

Bread of Healing Clinic is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. You can contact the organization by phone — (414) 977-0001 — or email:

Thanks to all who generously contributed to this effort at our April Membership meeting!!  

Thank you!
Heather Ullsvik Loomans with Peter Burress 

Caring is a Nonpartisan Issue: Milwaukee County Democratic Party



March 10, 2017

by Jeremy Ault

When I got up to talk, it was well past 7:00pm. The crowd, having been seated on steel chairs for the past hour and half, looked to be a bit restless. The harshness of the fluorescent lights was muted by the moist, heavy air in the windowless union hall, as over 100 people packed the place to hear from Milwaukee County Democratic Party candidates running in primary elections the next day.

The building was energized, but I was nervous to speak.

I am not a politician.

And Diaconia Connections is a nonpartisan mission organization.

This question kept running through my mind: How did I fit in?

I was not speaking to push any political platform, or to encourage the audience to vote.

So, instead, I stuck to my script. I wanted to convey to those assembled before me that I was there to talk about people with dreams and hopes.  People who less than 5 years ago lived as we do: as lawyers, teachers, carpenters, and students with families. I was there to talk about how their dreams and hopes have been compromised by an unforgiving war that grinds into its 6th year.

And I was there to raise money.

Many refugees and displaced people around the world are unable to flee to Europe or the United States for asylum. Many of them lack the means and the money to leave. And for others, the thought of leaving their homes with the possibility of never returning is too much. So, they stay. They seek shelter and safety within the confines of refugee camps, or within their own country.  

But one thing remains constant: They are often barred from providing for themselves.

Refugees are usually unable to legally work in their host countries and opportunities for education and career advancement are minimal in the camps. In many instances, they are completely reliant upon international donations for food and other essentials.

And right before I was about to make my official ask, people in the audience asked for a bucket. A bucket then turned into a tray. Then two trays. The trays were full of cash donations. I was overwhelmed. And as individuals continued to give, a leader stated that the party would match whatever was raised that night.

The final tally: $1,320.  An amazing show of solidarity! And further evidence that caring for those in need is not a partisan issue; it’s a human one.

Thank you to all who have donated, and to those who will...


Read the original post at Diaconia Connections website.

March 2017: Diaconia Connections


The children in these pictures are Rohingya.
The Rohingya are a Muslim minority who have lived in Burma for centuries.
They have a rich and beautiful culture.

However, these pictures were not taken in Burma. They were taken in refugee camps and in Milwaukee.
Officially, the Rohingya are denied citizenship in Burma. They are a stateless people.

On October 9, 2016, the Burmese government began their official "crackdown" on the Rohingya.
In February of 2017, UN officials and a report from the UNHCR declared that the Burmese government was
"ethnically cleansing" Burma of Rohingya. They are now considered the world's most-persecuted minority.

Two organizations in Milwaukee are fighting this injustice:
Diaconia Connections
provides aid and support to Rohingya in refugee camps—one of the few organiza-
tions able to work in Burma. SEA Literacy provides tutoring and educational services to Rohingya youth and
other refugees being resettled im Milwaukee.

Join us to learn more: 4751 N. Woodburn St. Whitefish Bay, WI 53211
Snacks and drinks provided / RSVP Appreciated but not required—414-964-9505


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