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LR the Liberal Redneck here, coming to you from a country that is tired of one of the largest businesses in our nation paying no taxes whatsoever on their 100 Billion dollar annual take. Of course I am referring to the business, the huge business, called organized religion. Initially their exemption was justified in the federal revenue acts of 1894, 1898, 1909, 1913 and 1917 because theoretically they performed “Charitable” services that the public sector did not provide. States followed the federal ruling by exempting religion from all property and state income tax. Today, those “Charitable” services performed by religious organizations, with rare exceptions such as the Salvation Army, are virtually non existent. Yet the exemptions remain in place. That means that every business and individual that does pay taxes is in essence supporting every religious organization in the country including Morman temples, Muslim mosques and Methodist churches regardless of whether or not we agree with their various doctrines. One of the conditions of the tax exempt status of religious organizations is that they refrain from entering the political arena, but when they blatantly ignore this condition, the IRS never prosecutes violators. It is time for this bullshit to end. It is time for God’s minions to put on their big boy pants and pay their fair share. Organized religion is in a decades long decline in our country, due in large part to their failure to provide any services other than brainwashing their congregations with whatever policies they deem essential to maintaining the cash flow used to build gigantic edifices and provide their leaders with lavish lifestyles. We must bring them into the 21st century with a major dose of reality and do away with their much abused exemptions.

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Strong Resume of "will start masters degree" qualifies for Director of Federal Relations

Strong Resume of "will start masters degree" qualifies for Director of Federal Relations

In the usual Friday afternoon news dump that we have grown to expect from our governor, the citizens of Wisconsin are treated with another weak resume.  This should give us all concern regarding the Republicans' plan to dismantle the current civil service system and  the replacement of civil service exams with "resumes".   I don't think that a PhD with 20 years experience who had signed the recall could have under any circumstances taken this job from the sycophant in the baseball cap. Kyle's current salary is approximatly $33,000. He will be replacing Wendy Reimann who is making $103,101.  I haven't seen Wendy's resume.


Governor Scott Walker Appoints New Director of Federal Relations

Friday, October 16, 2015 - Press Release

Madison – Today, Governor Scott Walker is announcing the appointment of Kyle Roskam as the incoming Director of Federal Relations for the State of Wisconsin.  Roskam will work on behalf of state agencies, members of the administration, and others to advocate for federal government related policies that benefit Wisconsin residents.

Roskam, a Green Bay native, worked for Congressman Ribble in Washington, D.C. as a Legislative Assistant and most recently served as Congressman Grothman’s Legislative Director.  Roskam received bachelor’s degrees in both economics and political science from the University of St. Thomas and will start a master’s degree in economic policy at Johns Hopkins University in summer.  

Former Director of Federal Relations, Wendy Riemann is leaving the administration to begin consulting work at 1492 Communications.  Riemann served in the role for the past four and a half years, helping to bring about the needed St. Croix bridge legislation, convert highway 41 to Interstate 41, mitigate the propane crisis, and protect our cranberry industry from burdensome regulations, among a host of other Wisconsin victories.

Roskam began his new role on October 15.

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Walk In Third Friday For MPS

Walk In Third Friday For MPS

Today was "Third Friday" in the world of Wisconsin public education.

That's the day that DPI uses as the cut-off to determine school's and district's enrollment for monetary purposes. It's a very, very big red-letter day for any school and district in Wisconsin, but it always takes particular importance in Milwaukee because it's the day that MPS schools find out if they are under or overenrolled and teachers move buildings.

In MPS, Third Friday is a very, very big deal.

But today it was a major deal, because over 100 schools in MPS staged Walk-Ins as a response to the takeover plan that was included in the biennium budget.

Those walk in's were covered all over the Milwaukee media.

From the Journal-Sentinel:
"This is an attack on our democratic institutions," North Division social studies teacher Lukas Wierer told about 30 demonstrators gathered outside the building before the start of classes on Friday. 
Wierer acknowledged the Milwaukee Public School District's shortcomings, saying administrators and staff must "continue to strive to be better." But he said MPS is the "only institution in this city with the capacity, commitment and legal obligation to serve all of our students."

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Local Control My Foot

Local Control My Foot

There has been much ado down in Racine with their school board lately.

First, there is the fact that they have a clause in their teacher handbook that says they should at least consult with the union about compensation and language in the handbook.

Then, there is the issue of vacancies on the Racine School Board and how certain board members want to push a radical agenda over the summer when a quorum is present, but not all board members that are representative of the community.

It's further complicated, because one seat on the board is vacant, one seat that the conservative side would LOVE to secure to push their agenda.

So, enter State Sen. Van Wanggaard and some lackeys in the Assembly to introduce SB 244 and AB 325:
This bill allows the school board president of a common, union high, or unified
school district to appoint a person to fill a vacancy on the school board if the
remaining school board members fail to fill the vacancy within 60 days.
Under current law, if a vacancy occurs on a school board of a common, union
high, or unified school district, the remaining school board members appoint a
person to fill the vacancy. This bill allows the school board president of one of these
school districts to appoint a person to fill a vacancy on the school board if the
remaining school board members do not fill the vacancy within 60 days of the date
on which the vacancy first occurs. A school board member appointed to fill a vacancy,
whether by remaining school board members or by a school board president, serves
until his or her successor is elected and takes office.
Remember, Republicans are all about local control! So long as you do what they want. 

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